Rzhevskij Forest Park.

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St. Petersburg is dotted with many parks.Some have a luxurious infrastructure, while others - a rich history, and some more similar to the corners of pristine nature.All of them are ideal for an evening stroll and picnic.Rzhevskij park, gradually turning into a real forest mushrooms and berries - a great place for walks, sports and collecting gifts of nature.

name of the park The park

three names: two official and one national.The official name - "Okhta training and experimental forestry" - not stuck.Forest area named "Okhta" almost called.The document frequently called "Porokhovskaya."The people his name not only as Rzhevskij Forest Park.

Park Geography partially occupies the eastern outskirts of St. Petersburg.At a distance of 4 kilometers away are two subway stations.The station "Ladoga" is located in the west, and "Prospect Bolsheviks" - in the southwest.

However, not only in the vicinity of St. Petersburg extends Rzhevskij Forest Park.Vsevolozhsk district, or rather, its south-western lands - the area on which flattened the main part of the forest.Volga city is two kilometers from the north-eastern border of the park.

its neighbors to the north - Cross the street and Parks, Ryabovsky highway and Peter Krasnogvardeysky district.Western edge of it touches the prospectus Sosnowski, Naberezhnaya Street, Forest, water and Commune Krasnogvardejskiy area.

southern borders of the forest adjacent to highway Koltushskoe, towns Zanevka, Novosergievka and SNT "Kolos".Its north-eastern outskirts of the rest on the closure of the airport "Rzhevka" and Kovalevsky forest.Eastern neighborhood side by side with the villages Ioannina-1.

Rzhevskij forest park along the meridian crosses the ring road.In the same place stretched power lines and single-track railway, connecting the station "Rzhevka" and "Zanevsky Post."From east to west along the forested area of ​​the river meanders tape foot (Zhernovka) and brook guard.On the south branch of the railway stretches «Ladoga station - MGA".

Topology Park

Until 2010 Rzhevskij Forest Park in St. Petersburg merged with the forest, drawn Karelian Isthmus.When zastraivanii suburb gradually cut down forests.As a result, Kovalevsky forest and park Okhtinsky become independent natural areas.Despite the fact that the forest belt is crossed by transport routes, there are numerous places with virgin vegetation.

Flora and fauna

the southwest of the forest park Rzhevskij tightened forests dominated by deciduous trees.Its eastern and northern areas overgrown with magnificent conifers.Forest inhabited by permanent residents: squirrels, hares, weasels and Triton.

Otters and beavers - old residents of a small lake.In the off-season here find shelter migratory birds.In the depths of the forest and its wild corners, occasionally appear moose.In addition, there wander feral dogs.

forest park improvement

Asphalt in the park is virtually absent, and that is, is in poor condition.But its territory is covered by a network of winding lanes, suitable for walking, jogging and cycling.

In the center of a forested area stretches small lake with beautiful panoramic views.Under the dense canopy of trees equipped with barbecue parking where visitors arrange fun outings.

In winter snow rascherchivayut multiple ski runs.There are easy walking trails and a sports complex routes.On the open ice rink prescribed intricate shapes adults and children.Many visitors to frolic on the hill, covered with ice.In the rental is available for rent skates, skis and sledge-cheesecakes.On weekends here drop owners horses and ponies with their pets, offering park enjoy horseback riding.

attractions in Forest Park alone - an obelisk dead airmen.The monument is located near the ring road.Memorial survived the restoration after a raid on his Vandals in the 2000s.

reviews Rzhevsky Forest Park

visitors like Rzhevskij Forest Park.Reviews of walks, winter fun, photo shoots and picnics it good.The only thing that the citizens complain - this untidy area, excessive accumulation of garbage in the areas of public recreation.Volunteers urged people to observe the purity and organize action to clean up the forest zone.

In the depths of the forest park is much cleaner.However, there did not recommend the climb alone.In the dense undergrowth it is quite possible to run into a dashing lyudom.