What is a commodity: consider different angles

Primitive society in the form of family and clan existed in such a way that each provide for themselves and their loved ones needed food, shelter, clothing and other goods.However, with the development of society there was a division of labor.This phenomenon is caused by the quality of products, but inevitably led to a lack of any benefits everyone.So, for example, the butcher was not cereals, and in those who grow wheat, did not have pork.To satisfy the needs of every one of them has helped the exchange of goods.But this operation had to be a certain number of so-called extra products that would remain after each meet their needs in the produced things.That is the butcher to swap pork to other products, it was necessary to first ensure that the meat itself fully, and then make a left after this raw material.This brief history illuminated the path of this phenomenon.Thus, before the word "goods" had the value of surplus production.Now the products are manufactured specifically for their exchange or sale.What is a commodity now?Try to understand.


What is the product?The easiest way to determine the value of any object - is to describe its properties.The first quality of this phenomenon - the ability to communicate to other things.Thus, goods - any thing that is not limited in circulation.The second feature is the allocated capacity to meet any of the needs of the people, that is useful to man.Thus, we can say that the product - a product of labor, created for the benefit of society.And finally, the third describes the purpose of the quality of the production of things.For each product created for resale or the same exchange.Implementation of things involves getting certain benefits.Therefore, the product of labor, produced for sale, and there is a commodity.With properties we understand.

Theory goods

In the literature there are currently two basic fundamental approaches to understanding the meaning of what goods.The first theory, of course, a Marxist.This approach considers the goods as a result of the useful work of people, which is for sale.This definition takes into account the ability to meet human needs such things, the goal of creating products and their connection with human labor.The second approach is to understand what the product gave the Austrian school of economics.Representatives of this concept called the products produced for exchange, economic benefits.Thus, another property allocated Item - its quantity is always limited, compared to human needs.Hence, this approach takes into account the needs in the relationship between the good and its availability.No matter how many theories exist, the essence of this phenomenon is the same, but each looks at it from their point of view and based on personal interests and priorities.