How to hang wallpaper nonwoven

Wallpapers - an integral part of the appearance of our homes.Appearing in ancient times, they were purely practical purposes: currently collected on oil and soot from the candle lighting, as well as hidden defects and cracks in the walls roughly trimmed castles.No Wallpaper from them just shamelessly came through, which is not too positive impact on the health of people living there.However, nowadays it is a purely decorative element of our homes, without which the present modern house is almost impossible.So how to hang wallpaper nonwoven difficult, beginners often avoid them, but in vain.

That is why it is not surprising and the fact that the terrible word "repair" for many stand up before the eyes of kilometers of wallpaper that you want to stick.However, many people do not attach importance to their correct gluing, resulting in looks pasted over the room is not very attractive.To pokleit wallpaper and as a result getting cozy and sanitized the room, it is important to follow a few rules.In short, we understand how to properly glued wallpaper non-woven!

immediately warned: it is important to read the instructions that are included with each roll.Our people still do not say goodbye to bad habits: they believe that all the wallpapers are the same, but because the "bother" with some instructions there is no need to.As a result, expensive wallpaper fall off beds, leaving the hapless "experts" with mixed feelings and emptying wallets.

When we are sticking wallpaper on non-woven backing, is very important to the quality of the adhesive.With the type of adhesive and its manufacturer is best determined in advance.Modern industry produces paper, vinyl, textile, non-woven, glass, and therefore there are hundreds of varieties of adhesives.

glue it is necessary to choose a type of wallpaper, and it must be fresh.It is unacceptable to make it "in reserve", or use the remaining stocks from the previous repair, as their adhesive strength is often not higher than that of water.Note that the adhesive for non-woven wallpaper (the price of which is quite considerable) should be fairly thick.

Before pasting important peregruntovat wall for better fixation of the adhesive to the wall.Moreover, primer closes small wall defects.So, armed with a capacity for mixing glue and some of its stock, begin kneading.Slowly pour the glue in a pre-measured volume of water, stirring carefully lumps.Next, determine the level of vertical wall gluing the front page: to further strip glued on her level.Note that you should not hang wallpaper "butt", as they expand and contract over time.So how to hang wallpaper nonwoven is difficult, do not do it in splendid isolation.

cut strips with a margin of 5-7 cm on uneven walls, necessarily taking into account the rapport (compliance panel).Then coat with fabric glue and fold it in half.It is important not to overdo it in this position, as the paper wallpaper can quickly gain moisture and tear when pasting.Once the fabric is attached to the wall, careful movements stiff brush smooths the fabric from the center to the periphery.Remove the excess glue with a clean dry cloth.The height of the leaf on the ceiling and the floor is adjustable after drying.An obligatory condition is the lack of successful gluing draft.

We hope we have helped you with advice in how to properly hang wallpaper non-woven!