Meals during Lent by day.

Every Orthodox person, sooner or later think about how to organize your meals in the post for days.He asks friends, studying literature and often frightened strict rules of eating and monotonous diet.In fact, it's not so scary.

refusal for some time by certain kinds of food - it is a spiritual feat

among our compatriots many of those who recently decided to bring his bloodless sacrifice to the Creator.These people have discovered a lot of these products that are used to not paying attention.In ordinary worldly menu consists largely of protein foods of animal origin.Post prohibits meat and dairy products, and eggs.

How to prepare for the post?

At what time and what to eat during Lent - the question is not idle.The Church allows seafood, vegetables, nuts, fruits, mushrooms and cereals.They can be eaten throughout the period of abstinence, except for a few special days in which there can not be at all, especially on Good Friday, in the Net Monday, the day of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, on Christmas Eve - Christmas and Epiphany.Meals during Lent for days painted in every Orthodox calendar.The degree of severity is governed by the canons.However, sometimes changing requirements.Each temple priests necessarily explain the congregation that you can during Lent, but from what should be avoided.The best thing - before Lent seek blessing by the priest.He said that when possible, and by what will have to give.Some Christians rightly believe that they know the rules of the most accurate and perform monks of monasteries.Copy of order or not, every layman to decide on their own, previously had a talk with his confessor, spiritual dignity.

Do I need to follow the monastic charter laity?

Power laymen and monks varies considerably.Monks fast by all the rules - they take food only once a day, yearly to strictly observe xerophagy, and do not eat meat, even outside posts.The main reference point for all Christians - forty-day fast of Jesus Christ.Before taking on the mission entrusted by God the Father, the Lord retired to the desert, where he prayed and struggled with temptation, and the physical body supported locusts and wild honey.Christ commanded us that to save his soul only by fasting and prayer.Each post should be directed primarily to the desire to comprehend and take in his soul the commandment "Love one another."

What foods are allowed in the post?

Power in the post on the day of the laity is usually as follows.On Monday, Wednesday and Friday made xerophagy, ie food can not cook.These days allowed cereal, flooded with water and Soaked to the soft state, and in the same manner soaked dried fruit and water.

Tuesday and Thursday you can prepare hot.This can be porridge on the water or vegetable broth, jelly, seafood, pasta.How often do you prepare yourself jelly is blog?But they are very beneficial to health.Jelly can be made from fruit, berries, cereal grains.

What can I cook meatless products?

mushrooms, vegetables and marine life can cook delicious soups.Power in the Post does not prohibit the use of herbs and spices.And they are almost always non-animal origin.V - it's time to learn oriental cuisine.Soy sauces, Indian spices, local herbs, nuts, honey - it's something with which you can experiment four days a week, and on Saturday and Sunday and allowed more oil.Meals during Lent by day add to the diversity of your life.At the end of the week you can bake strudels.This is a very unique rolls of thinly rolled dough exhaust.For its preparation is only flour, water and a little salt.Filling them can be sweet, for example, apple and apricot.Pick up fresh apples, dried apricots and apricot jam, cinnamon or vanilla flavoring, and to filling in the leaking, fix it with potato starch.As a stuffing for savory vegetable roll, you can use fresh cabbage.That it does not taste bitter, boil water and put it in for 3-5 minutes chopped cabbage leaves, then fold in a colander.After the water stechёt, use cabbage in any dish.For the filling strudel fry in vegetable oil, onion and mix with cabbage, to improve the taste, add one grain of cardamom, salt and pepper.

Power in the post can vary jelly and aspic on agar (seaweed).They can do any good, but whether to allow them to eat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, will have to check with your church priest.

Benefits of fasting for physical health

Meals during Lent by day will not give you overweight, but there will allow the products that you currently prohibited in ordinary life.For example, a pie with potatoes, fried in vegetable oil.Say: "The death figure"?Not at all!It is a pleasure you can afford only on Saturday and Sunday.On other days, the weight will come back to normal.Generally, food during fasting by day of the week - it is quite an exciting affair.You are not only very significantly expand their culinary horizons by adding new foods into the diet, but also get rid of dysbiosis, organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, clean your body of toxins.Calendar power in post sets rather strict framework for the believers, but it does not make their lives a dull and monotonous.Posts vary in duration and severity.During the Apostolic or Petrov post, as well as Filippovskiy, ie Christmas, often allowed to fish.Accordingly, filling for pastries, soups and main dishes are more interesting.Even in Lent, you can treat yourself to fish on the Annunciation and Palm Sunday and fish caviar on Lazarus Saturday.

joy of success in overcoming the temptations of the flesh

Only those who sustained multi-day Christian fasting, have the opportunity to experience the real joy of eating fasting foods.Typically, the first week after many days of fasting is solid.Prohibited within a few weeks products are perceived in a new way.Fresh cheese with a fat cream and condensed milk taste seems the most delicate ambrosia.And if you smear it on sdobny cake, the pulp is not white and the bright yellow of the generously added to the dough of eggs ?!Who can afford such extravagance, but those who in the course of a long time deprived of the joys of gluttony, of fasting and prayer?

Joy incarnation of the Lord in the only-begotten Son, and His victory over death marked very well, no prohibitions will overshadow these two holidays to those who are preparing them properly.Believers in this time completely free to indulge in the pleasures of life, not caring about the harmony of shapes, calories an hour eating and so on.Liberated and purified the body works perfectly.All nutrients are at promoting health and building tissue cells of all organs without delay and harmful removed away.

can no longer wonder when and what to eat.During the post had to deal with these issues every day, it is no secret that no matter how hard you try, and the posts, mainly last long, and prepare food is not always a possibility.Snacks sneakers and cappuccino prohibitive.So eat Orthodox, most often water, nuts and dried fruits.Frankly, it is not easy.

And if you are not able to cope with restrictions and regulations?

attend worship services and prayers are very helpful to strengthen the will and spirit.And if you still are not able to stand the test of fasting, do not despair.It did not happen now, will some other time.Most importantly, the Lord saw your efforts.