Akathist "Vsetsaritsa."

Often people think that miracles - it's something out of legends and fairy tales.Or at least something very long ago, the ancient, forgotten.But, oddly enough, in our time there are real miracles.Parishioners of Orthodox churches and monasteries of monks from time to time witness the healing of disease through the prayers before the icon of the Virgin.

custom of praying Virgin

With the adoption of Christianity in the tenth century in Russia came the tradition of honoring the Mother of God.In addition to the temple in honor of Christ the Savior appeared in our land temples dedicated and His Blessed Mother.Domes of churches according to the custom color blue, is the color of the Virgin.Images of the Blessed Virgin always present in any Orthodox church iconostasis.

There are a variety of images of Our Lady, which are considered miraculous.It is estimated that there are about six hundred.People often wonder, "What the icon to pray in a particular case?"Priests to this question usually answer this: all needs can pray any icon, to which the soul lies.Virgin - one.Before the icon of whatever we did our prayers offered up - it is addressed to all of the same Mother of God, who is always ready to put in a good word for us in front of his son.

However, there is a tradition to apply to different icons in various everyday needs.Some of the icon of Our Lady was especially "close" to the different needs of people.For example, "Mlekopitatelnitsa" seek help mothers of infants.On children older pray before the icons "Children" and "The addition of the mind."There are other cases.Someone turned in prayer to the Mother of God, received from her miraculous help.Man strives to tell others about what happened a miracle.Another person who has a similar problem when he heard about the grace of God through the intercession of the Mother of God, drawn to the same icon and his faith as we asked.So the people fixed tradition.Before the Tikhvin icon of the children pray before Kazan - about healing eyes.On the healing of the tumors is traditionally read Akathist "Vsetsaritsa (Pantanassa)."

Icon of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa (Pantanassa)," and the holy Mount Athos

According to popular tradition, the healing of cancer patients pray before the icon of "Vsetsaritsa" or, in Greek, "Pantanassa".This icon appeared and gained popularity in the Vatopedi monastery on Mount Athos.According to tradition, the Blessed Virgin Mary, accompanied by John the Evangelist in '48 went to Cyprus.However, the ship caught in a storm, was forced to stop at the Athos.Admiring the extraordinary beauty of the peninsula, Mary wished to stay here to carry on the preaching of the gospel.It is believed that Jesus Christ Himself at the request of his mother made Athos her destiny.

Athos and today is considered to be distinct from the Christians.Since 1046 he officially acquired the name of "Holy Mountain."Life here is by its own laws.This is a special place of monastic prayer.On Athos currently has twenty monasteries, both the creation of new monasteries, and the elimination of currently existing laws prohibited Athos.In the monasteries of Mount Athos is kept a large number of Orthodox shrines.Among them, about sixty revered icons of the Virgin.One of these icons - "Pantanassa"

Icon "Vsetsaritsa" known since the seventeenth century.The story of Elder Joseph the Hesychast, for many years lived on Mount Athos, his disciples.One day (in the seventeenth century) before the icon "Vsetsaritsa" there was a strange-looking young man.He stood a long time before the icon of the Virgin, muttering something.Suddenly, in the face of the Virgin flashed something like lightning, and the young man was thrown to the ground by some unknown force.When he came to, the young man wanted to confess to a priest and confessed that fond of magic, and came to the monastery to test their magical abilities to the holy icons.After what had happened to him a miracle man has completely changed my life, I left magical lessons and stayed in the monastery.This was the first miracle happened on "Vsetsaritsa."

all in the same seventeenth century, one of the Greek monks made a list with the miraculous icon.People praying before the icon, began to notice that grace especially its impact on patients with malignant formations.Over time, the icon Vsetsaritsa became known as the assistant in the healing of cancer patients.

Iconography Vsetsaritsa

Holy Mother of God is depicted on the icon in scarlet color.The icon painter portray her seated on the royal throne.Divine Infant in her arms Mother holding in his left hand a scroll, right in front of the blessing of praying believers.Mother of God right hand points to her Son, as if to say: "Here is your Savior, who came to save you from sin, disease and death."In the background of the icon there are two angels overshadowing its wings Pure Virgin and stretching her arms.Nimbus of Christ contains an inscription in Greek: "He from whom all around."

All icon executed in bright, warm colors.Here and scarlet robes, indicating royal dignity, and complete perfection of the Mother of God, and the golden background symbolizes eternity.

first appearance of the icon in Russia

first list of Vatopedi icon "Vsetsaritsa" to Russia was made in 1995.August 11 this year written with the blessing of the governor of Archimandrite Ephrem Vatopedi monastery the icon was brought to Moscow in the Children's Cancer Center at Kashirke.Center staff noticed: after the kids to accompany it, many have come noticeable improvements that are difficult to attribute solely the action of drugs.

Convent in honor of the "Vsetsaritsa" in Krasnodar

There is a Russian monastery, dedicated to the famous icon of the Virgin "Vsetsaritsa."It is located in Krasnodar.The main relic of the monastery is "Vsetsaritsa" - a replica of Mount Athos icon.The list made in 2005 Russian master painter of Pereslavl Valeri Polyakov.The Easter holiday Vatopedi Archimandrite Ephrem celebrated a special prayer service, in which the newly painted icon was consecrated.After the service the icon attached to more than one hundred Vatopedi shrines, including the Belt of the Virgin.

with great honor icon was brought from Mount Athos in Krasnodar.Since then, the convent who regularly service Vsetsaritsa: akathist, prayers, prayers.Some of the participants started singing molebennogo patients Krasnodar Regional Oncology Center.Many of them came to the temple recently learned of his terrible diagnosis.Hoping for a miracle, they turn with sincere prayer to the Blessed Virgin.

All Saints Church in Moscow monastery Novoalekseevskaya

In this temple was one of the most famous wonders of Pantanassa - image suddenly zamirotochil.Just a few drops of the wonderful world appeared on an icon, and an unusual odor from it reverberated around the temple.

In the temple regularly served Akathist to the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa."At the prayer service consecrated oil for the anointing of the sick and afflicted.Anointed with consecrated oil can not only cancer patients, but other aching.

image "Vsetsaritsa" of this temple is often taken to the nearest Oncology Center to perform prayers.

Novospassky Monastery Moscow

This is one of the most ancient monasteries of Moscow, the oldest burial place of royalty.Here there is a lot of miracle-working icons, and relics.Since 1997, among the relics of the monastery there is also a list of Vatopedi icon.The image of her is venerated as miraculous.Every Sunday before the holy image read Akathist to the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa" occur prayers blessing of water.The servants of the monastery here, as elsewhere, are a special book in which there are cases of miraculous help through the prayers before the icon of "Pantanassa".

Once a year, the icon of the Novospassky monastery is delivered to the Institute of Oncology.Herzen.The hospital church institution committed prayer and akathist "Vsetsaritsa."After the service everyone can venerate the miraculous image and to ask for help and healing in the fight against disease.

Are church prayer can heal cancer patients?

can be argued that in some cases it is really happening.Prioress of the Monastery of the Krasnodar Neonilla mother can tell of cases of amazing help of the Blessed Virgin.It happens that a sick person turns to "Vsetsaritsa": akathist reading, praying diligently, and suddenly the tumor either disappears completely or suspend its development, as it is "frozen" at the stage at which the person began his prayer feat.Nuns painstakingly collected evidence of the miraculous help monastic shrine and place them on the site of the monastery.

Despite the fact that the icon is best known as the deliverer of neoplastic diseases, documented cases where Akathist before the icon "Vsetsaritsa" heals and a variety of other diseases.There are cases of getting rid of severe addictions - alcohol and drug abuse.Mindful of the first miracle of the icon, the faithful turn to her with the prayers of practicing magic, and also receive help from "Vsetsaritsa."

for assistance more than is desirable, not only to the relatives of the sick read or sang the Akathist to the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa", but the very meek, wanting to get rid of the disease, she prayed.

Why healing occurs?

They say the priests, the faith of Orthodox Christians, for their work and sincere prayer sent to the grace of God.The Lord will surely turn their attention toward the man aspiring to it.What does it mean - to seek the Lord?The first is to try to regularly participate in the sacraments instituted by Christ for his Church.The first is the sacrament of confession, set to cleanse believers from sins and Holy Communion, has given us to connect with our Savior Christ.To help the sick and the sacrament of Holy Unction is set.It takes place in all churches in the days of Lent.Some churches make unction also in Advent.For tyazhelobolyaschih bedridden patients can invite a priest to the house to commit extreme unction.In this case, the sacrament is performed regardless of the calendar date.In addition to the church sacraments can make fervent prayer to Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.One of these additions is the Akathist to the Mother of God icon "Vsetsaritsa."

How to read Akathist "Vsetsaritsa"

serious prayer is not accepted to begin work without the blessing.So first of all it is desirable to refer to the Orthodox priest and ask for blessings read Akathist "Vsetsaritsa."Text akathist can be purchased in the church shop.

Virgin Akathist Reading "Vsetsaritsa" logical to have the icon in front of the eyes.It does not matter whether it is an icon, made on board a professional painter with special paint or a small-sized reproduction.It is advisable, however, to the acquired icon was consecrated in the temple.All the icons are sold in the church benches, already sanctified.

Before any icon it is possible to pray in their own words - the main thing that was a prayer from the heart.However, among the Orthodox are very popular "books" prayer composed in antiquity known or unknown saints.Reading these prayers, as if we pray together with our co-religionists, molebenny drawn up a text, as well as with the generations of people who have read once these prayers.

services before committing to a particular icon drawn special prayer texts - canons and hymns.Akathist, for example, consists of twenty-five small in terms of prayers, called Ikos and Kontakion.In any akathist Kondakov has thirteen and twelve ICOS.ICOS is usually read, kontakia - are sung.However, if the prayer is deprived of musical abilities or simply do not know how to sing Akathist can abandon singing and just read the Akathist "Vsetsaritsa."If a person is praying alone, perhaps it is more convenient to read the text of the Akathist to himself.This option is also available.The Lord and the Mother of God and hear the silent prayer.The main thing - to our hearts at the same time crying.

It is worth remembering that the word "Akathist" means "do not sit."Hymn always read while standing.However, many priests do not get tired to remind that this rule applies only to healthy people.If a person on health are difficult or impossible to stand, you can read the Akathist to the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa" sitting, lying down or reclining.

reading "Vsetsaritsa" Akathist, Canon or any other prayer, we should not necessarily expect from prayer any special feelings, strong emotions.Such sensations are possible, but not obligatory.Orthodox priests after the ancient Holy Fathers warn against that specifically look for these feelings, or give them some special meaning.The Lord often quite invisible touches the soul of man is not accompanying happening extraordinary sensations.At the same time it is possible that people in the pursuit of the sweetness of prayer gradually forget about God and how to say the Fathers, "falls into the charm," exposing his soul to serious danger.

Like all prayers, Akathist "Vsetsaritsa" requires full attention.PRAYING need to try to penetrate into every word read.It is known, however, that our thoughts tend to be scattered and "fly" pretty far away from the content of prayer.It is not necessary due to this despair.Just noticing "disorder", thought to be returned to the desired channel and do so every time I caught myself on the fact that distracted from prayer.

In Lent in the church is not made to read hymns, except for the Akathist "Passion of Christ".However, for home prayer Christian has the right to choose their own rule.Therefore, if the house aching read Akathist icon "Vsetsaritsa", it can not be considered a sin or violation of church canons.

There is a tradition to read the Akathist for forty days.However, this is not the law, is to choose the prayer for strength.You can pray and fewer days or more if you wish.

reading prayers, do not "beg" the decision, which seems to us the only desirable.Expressing his warm request to the Mother of God, we have yet to leave room for God's will, which does not always coincide with our desire, but always directed to the benefit of our soul.Some priests recommend praying for forty days, time to leave fervent prayer and wait for some time.If the situation has not changed and praying does not come in this time to some important conclusions for themselves, we can renew the prayer works and re-read "Vsetsaritsa" Akathist.