"SMS Finance": customer reviews company

payments microfinance market is not standing still.More recently, a novelty all had a chance to get the funds borrowed under a simplified procedure - without a thorough check borrower's income, credit history and property.This is the so-called "loans to payday," when a person takes a small amount to the small everyday expenses until such time as the get the next s / n.After that loan back, debt (including interest) on it is repaid, the borrower and increase the credit limit to be able to apply for another loan.

credits via SMS

whole new system of processing the loan may be called SMS-request.This innovation practices "SMS Finance."Reviews show that with the help of a message sent from a mobile, which will contain your passport details and credit information, one can draw on the loan he needed goal.

It gives a lot of advantages at once.Firstly, the whole process of getting a loan easier for the reason that the client does not need to queue at the office of, wait for the call from the lender and worry over whether it will approve the application or not.It is not distracted by extraneous things, anyone can send a message to mobile and get an answer from a staff member of the company in a few minutes.

Second, this form of communication - a lot easier than many calls or conversations with consultants live.Everything that you might be interested in the loan, there are online companies, you will be able to read it in a few minutes.By sending an SMS you submit your profile, thus giving to understand that you want to issue the credit.In addition, you will not ask the contact details as the report will contain all the necessary information.

agree that this model has certain advantages over traditional forms of processing loans.

Company "SMS FinanceĀ»

As mentioned above, a typical representative of the market, which has been receiving applications for credit through SMS is "SMS-finance".The feedback we have learned in the preparation of this writing, let you know that it is in practice.

So this is a service that helps people in the shortest possible time to obtain the amount of the loan up to 30 thousand rubles.Registration of the application, as you know, goes through SMS, with a review of the employee arrives at the customer's phone in an average of 7 minutes.Advantage is the flexibility and at the same time, ease conditions.

For example, the borrower the opportunity to defer payment for 21 days in the event that he can not repay on time.It's enough to pay the interest on the loan.

As for the methods of obtaining the loan and its repayment, and in this regard the bank "SMS-finance" is quite flexible.The Customer may return the funds in the system QIWI, as well as through CONTACT, or through a bank (by simple translation).In turn, you can get the money one of these ways.

Scheme of

you already understand that for now need to send an SMS message with your data.However, little to clarify the situation: you write the data in the application, that leaves the company's website.In it you enter the name, phone number, and scan the document.When she goes to the employees, they are in a few minutes will decide whether to issue a loan or not.In an incident this time period, you will receive a response SMS message.

Then the floor is yours: you want to issue this loan or not.If you are interested and would like to get the funds you need to send a message to the number +7 (913) 913-50-20, which will contain ZAEM 10000 XXXX.Where 10000 - respectively, the amount of money you want to get;and XXXX - enter the password for your personal account.In it you, by the way, will be able to set up and the way we have received it, and manage credit.


There are two restrictions on the amount and timing dictated by "SMS Finance."The loan can be taken in the amount of from 1 to 15 thousand rubles for a period of 21 days and 16 to 30 thousand in the first 9 months.Accordingly, these two rates and get a completely different interest rates.

On the first, processing 1,000 rubles, you get 1.74% on the day, and this rate drops to 0.90% per day for 15 thousand loan.Then switch the second tariff, and you have to pay 0.5% on the day the use of funds from 15,100 to 30,000 rubles.

prolong the loan can be for up to 21 days in the case if you had to repay the interest.As the existing of "SMS-finance" customer feedback, the company is flexible enough when dealing with borrowers, so it can agree to some simplification, favorable to the client.


For that you bring a friend who will use the services, bonuses "SMS Finance."Reviews indicate that for one guest to pay 300 rubles.They will appear in your account in the event that the user activates the loan, and this will happen, of course, on your recommendation.

Spend the money it will be possible to pay the debt on their own credit.In fact, to participate in the bonus program, the application "SMS-finance" is not supplied.

Disclaimer loan

Once you fill out a special form on the company's website, the staff, as mentioned above, considering your candidacy as a potential borrower.Of course, there are situations where at this stage the person is given the refusal.Many people wonder what might serve the cause and they do not get it the next time.

So, the most common reasons when the client receives the rejection of "SMS-finance" (reviews, as well as information on the company's website confirm it) are spoiled customer's credit history, an active debt on other loans, and an attempt to fraud.With the first two points it is very simple: if you have a duty to the company, the credit will not allow you to repeat.As for the bad credit history, it is checked by the formation of a special appeal to the Bureau.From there, send information about what loans designed the man, as he regularly paid them and so on.

With regard to fraud, we are talking about trying to take the credit and to hide from us, somehow falsified documents and so on.

If the user is denied the services of the system, he can not enjoy over the next 4 months.

Reviews borrowers

reading reviews of those who have already managed to issue a loan in this company, you can understand that the organization operates transparently and on conscience.There were no reports that someone cheated, has not been found.Apparently, the company provides quality service "SMS-finance".Loan (reviews confirm this) is easy enough to take.The ratio of failure to approve applications is small.

As regards the form of cooperation with the organization as a whole, is it mostly go positive feedback.The fact is that communication with the bank using SMS borrower really delivers less of a hassle.Let us add to this the possibility of extending the maturity of the debt as well as the individual situation where company representatives are going to meet a client and get a really cool service in which you want to apply again.

If you do not pay?

finally answer the question of what happens if you do not pay.As the Company "SMS-finance" reviews defaulters, nothing will happen.People painted their stories in the comments when they were unable to repay the loan, and employees simply insisted on the return and threatened to go to court.Of course, during the time the customer defaults on the debt begin to accrue large fines, interest and penalties.Therefore, in the end, you will have to return the money several times the initial loan.Along with this will be spoiled and your credit history.

Once the debt is large enough, the company did go to court.Given the availability of your passport details, as well as electronic application of the request to obtain a loan, the representatives of "SMS-finance" have something to offer in defense of their interests.

why do so is not highly recommended.