Preparing for repair: what do cement

If you are seriously engaged in repair in your apartment or house and are planning to plaster the walls, floor leveling, then you need to figure out how to make the solution of the cement.Of course, if you are thinking to hire builders, then delve into the intricacies of the process is not necessary.But if you decide to perform the dirty work themselves, but not an expert, then it is better to start to explore theoretical part.

for any work you need a fresh cement - a special binder that solidifies when it becomes kamnevidnym.Remember, if he will lie down more than six months, it can absorb moisture and use it will be simply impossible.In order to make the solution for plaster, it is necessary to know what made of cement.To make it, you should first mix bought a binder with sand.The proportions will depend solely on the brand you purchased.Thus, the cement-200 M per kilogram it is necessary to 3.5 kg of sand, and for M-400 required for 5 kg.By the way, the grade will depend not only on the amount of the resulting mixture, but also its strength.For example, for the construction of various military facilities, including silos or bins, M-600 is used.

It is important to know not only the necessary proportions, but technology as a solution to make cement.Having prepared the dry ingredients, cover them in a small container for mixing layer.Only then add water and thoroughly mix all to obtain a homogeneous mixture.The quality of the solution is checked so he should stick to shovel chunks, which prevented it.If it is completely drained from it or vice versa, it encapsulates then this batch failed.In the first case, it will be too liquid (thin, as it is called builders), and the second - a thick (fat).

Knowing What makes cement, you can prepare in advance all the necessary materials in the right quantities.By the way, it is desirable to know the proportions, even in cases where all of the work you will perform the builders.This will help to avoid unnecessary costs, because you will be able to control the flow of materials.

If you want to know not only about the technology of the mixture for plastering, but also that of what makes cement, then you might be interested in the following.Production of this material - environmentally harmful enough, time-consuming and costly process.It begins with the most expensive stage - extraction of raw materials, which are carbonate rocks: limestone, chalk, and others.Extracted from the earth raw materials are ground and milled.

The next step carbonate rocks mixed with other ingredients and baked.This results in a clinker.If we continue to understand, from what makes cement, it becomes clear that at this stage it was established the foundation.Further its production will depend on the raw material used and the quality of the original base material.The industry has developed a method for manufacturing cement 3: wet, dry and combination.The first option is used in cases where the raw material is chalk, clay and various iron supplements.Grinding the mixture in this method takes place in an aqueous medium, and the output is a slurry with a moisture content of about 30-50%.It is baked in a special oven, and then pulverized.But the dry process components has dried before grinding.