Sparrow house: description.

Sparrow house - it's the world famous bird.Sparrow is one of those few species of birds, which have become indispensable inhabitants of rural and urban streets.It seems that without these nimble neighbors we would have been bored.

Sparrow house: description

sparrow - a small bird, the length of his body - about 15-17 cm, weight - 24-35 g, but he has a strong constitution.Head rounded shape and quite large.Beak length of about half a centimeter, stout, conical shape.Tail about 5-6 cm, foot - 1.5-2.5 cm. The males on the size and weight of many females.

Color feathers sparrows and sparrows-girls-boys also differ.Same their upper body - brown, the lower part - light gray and white wings with a yellow stripe, situated across.The marked difference between males and females in color head and breast.Boys top of the head dark gray, below the eyes - light gray plumage on the neck and chest are distinctively black spot.The girls head and neck light brown.

Ecology house sparrow

Sparrows live near human habitation, they fled to this time, almost all over the world, but was originally home to these birds is considered a large part of Europe and Southwest Asia.

Sparrow house found in settlements, starting from the west to the shores of Europe and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in the north of Europe up to the Arctic coast, Siberia is also inhabited by these nimble little birds.In most of East and Central Asia sparrow inhabits.

birds can perfectly adapt to the conditions in which there were.This sedentary birds, just north of the coldest places in the frosty winter time migrate to where the warmer south.


As mentioned earlier, the house sparrow likes to settle close to the people, perhaps because of this is called "the house."Gray birds can live in pairs, but sometimes create entire colonies.For example, when feeding always gather in large flocks.When you do not have to sit on the eggs in the nests or chicks sparrows are held at night in the bushes or on the branches of trees.

in the air bird flight accelerates to 45 km / hour walk on the ground like most other birds, sparrow can not move jumping.The reservoir will not sink as swim, besides also a good diver.

Reproduction During the mating period house sparrows are divided into pairs, then the male and female together embarking on the construction of dwellings.Nest is built in the crevices of buildings and buildings, in the hollows, in burrows, on the slopes of ravines, in the bushes and on the branches of trees.Pygmy house made of small twigs, dry grass and straw.

Throughout April, the expectant mother sparrow lays eggs in the nest is from 4 to 10 eggs, little white with brown spots.After 14 days after the female sat on the eggs are born helpless chicks.For hatched offspring Mom and Dad looked after together, babies fed on insects.In two weeks the chicks fly from the nest.


Sparrows in nature live long enough, their life expectancy - about 10-12 years.Documented cases of longevity - a sparrow comes from Denmark spent as much as 23 years old, another of his kinsman bit has not held up his twentieth birthday.

problem with these birds is that a lot of young birds are killed, did not live up to one year.The most difficult time for the young - winter.If they manage to live up to their first spring, then they have a chance to meet old age.At this time, about 70% of young sparrow does not live up to a year.


house sparrow could do without the water necessary for the existence of the amount of moisture it receives from the juicy berries.They feed the birds mostly plant foods.Favorite treat - seed crops.Sparrow did not pereborchivy, eats something that gets in his diet consists of grass seeds, tree buds, various berries.Waste products from garbage cans, these birds do not shrink, experience tells them that these iron boxes you can find a lot of things tasty.Insects in the sparrow's fall menu rarely, only in the period of fledging bugs and worms have become a daily meal, as it was their bird parents feed their young.Do not forget sparrows also on the sand, it is essential for the bird's ventricle to digest food.If sand is impossible to get hold of, then use small pebbles.

subfamily Sparrows real

to the subfamily sparrows are real house sparrow, snow finch, sparrow.I would like to draw attention to the snow finch, popularly called snow sparrow.These birds are quite nice, they are lighter and larger houses.Top snow finch gray-brown, and white below, black and white wings.If you watch the birds in flight, it creates the appearance of a white bird with black spots.Throat finch male black, gray head, long tail is white with a black stripe extending along.This kind of sparrows called "snow" because of their almost white plumage.

Field, unlike snow, much less houses.Field Sparrow and houses (males) are similar to each other color of the body and wings can be easily distinguished in color head.Wild relative of brownie "dressed" in a chestnut cap, which is separated by a narrow brownish back Belenky collar.On the white cheeks planted tree sparrow on the black spots on the neck spot very small.Males and females of this species, "dressed" in the same clothes, their color does not differ.As

house and field sparrows settle close to the people.The field is evident in the title, in the majority live in rural areas, and brownies, respectively, to a greater extent - urban residents.Birds try to stay away from the pack of the pack, mixed colonies of both species are very rare.White, black, gray - the difference between the sparrows are not too big, firmly united by one thing - the proximity to man.Life without these restless birds have not even seem to leave us they are not going to, so we secured neighborhood feathered very long time.