Mask for hair volume at home: recipes

personification of female beauty are lush, thick and voluminous hair.However, not all women can boast these qualities of his curls.In pursuit of the creation of spectacular and eye-catching image of one of its arsenal little tricks using special gels, mousse, hairspray, shampoo, haircut, increasing splendor hair.

However, the most gentle and effective way remains a mask for hair volume.At home, you can fairly easily, cheaply and quickly heal, strengthen and enrich the useful natural ingredients curls.Main, performed the procedure regularly for a few weeks or even months, depending on the type of mask, then the volume will increase twofold hairstyles.Domestic air conditioning removes the hairs from sticking together, and static electricity.

How to choose a mask for a particular type of hair?

Mask for hair volume at home consists of natural ingredients that do not harm the skin of the head and do not cause allergies.For greasy strands suitable air conditioners, included in its composition aloe juice, lemon or onion.Damaged, thin, dry hair awakened new strength, health and resilience, if put on their masks, the main component of which is essential, olive oil and castor oil.The easiest way to owners of the normal type of hair care for them with masks of all possible ingredients from grain gruel and ending with cognac.

Deposition mask

spite of the harmlessness of home air conditioners, before applying it on head first couple of drops on your skin checked by hand from the inside, suddenly the mixture suitable epithelium.5 minutes before the volume of hair mask at home envelops hair, intense circular movements do relaxing head massage.Then, the same manipulation, but less sharp, the mixture is applied to the hands.Try to keep each filaments impregnated and enveloping mask.To secure the benefits of the home condition, the head wear over the package and towel, thus creating a greenhouse effect.

Revitalizing course is held twice a week, in the total amount you need to go 18-20 procedures.After their completion, give hair a rest two or three months.Then again, spend the rehab process.Keep the mask longer than specified in the recipe is not recommended becauseskin gets used to the active ingredient and the desired effect has not come out.

Secret groomed hair

Homemade conditioners are guaranteed to provide a chic hair volume.At home, the mask for the volume is a fundamental tool for the care, but also need to adhere to the rules of the subsidiary, which will make your hair irresistible:

  1. curls wash before going to bed is not desirable, and to go to bed with wet hair, too.Strands should be dried without dryer because of its frequent use of dry and breaking locks.
  2. Comb curls need a wooden comb and often, especially before going to sleep and wash.
  3. Depending on the intensity of hair growth to go to the hairdresser for cutting split ends should be at least 1 time per month.
  4. overdo it with the washing of the head can not be, because the more often it goes, the harder and drier are locks.It is enough to carry rinse several times a week.
  5. unbalanced, wrong diet affects the health and beauty of curls, so watch out for meals, or even a homemade mask for hair volume will not be saved.

Recipes masks to increase the amount for the damaged, brittle hair

1. Composition: essential oil - a few drops of vinegar apple - one teaspoon gelatin ordinary - one tablespoonResult - adds volume and restoring neglected tresses.Gelatin was added and dissolved in half a glass of water, then add vinegar and oil, all thoroughly mixed.Create lubricated clean, damp hair, held 10 minutes, then rinsed with pure water.

2. Ingredients: Glycerin - 1 tsp vinegar natural - one teaspoon, whole egg - one pcs., Castor oil - two tablespoonsResult - this mask for hair volume at home to fill the missing density strands.Egg pound until smooth with butter, glycerin and vinegar, then the mixture is slightly heated.Before drawing head must hold 20 minutes in a hot wet towel.Then plaster mask with a warm towel to wrap up again an hour later all wash away.

3. Composition: olive oil - four tablespoons cognac (not necessarily strong) - 200 ml, one egg yolk, fresh lemon - 1 pc.Result - nourishes hair roots, initiates their growth and density.

All components of the mix until a uniform state, rub into the roots and soak locks throughout.Then head wrapped in plastic and a towel for 40 minutes.If necessary, mask for hair volume, give hair zoom washed off twice.

recipes for fat curls

1. Ingredients: honey - 2 tablespoons of aloe - 1 tspjuice squeezed lemon - 2 tablespoonsResult - reduces electrification and increased splendor strands.The ingredients are stirred, the resulting mass smeared on a clean head along the entire length curls from root to tip.Wrap in a towel for 15 min., Then washed hair without adding shampoo.

2. Ingredients: onion juice - four tablespoons of shampoo to choose from - one tablespoon yolk., Gelatin best brand - one tablespoonResult - treats the hair follicles, giving them a density and volume.The components are mixed until uniform, applied to slightly damp hair, wrapped in foil and warm towel.At the end of an hour the mask is washed off with water.

3. Ingredients: castor oil, burdock oil - two tablespoons of lemon - four tspjuice.Result - creates an effect of lightness, pomp and splendor.On a couple of warmed mixed oil, remove from heat, add lemon juice.The consistency is applied in a circular motion on the skin of the head, washed and dried strands.Aged mask for half an hour under the bag and towel, and then washed off with all the shampoo.

Formulations suitable for normal hair type

Nekapriznym hair can also be simply and inexpensively increase the volume of hair.At home, a mask made for the volume is not as fast as in beauty salons, but on their own and with the soul.

1. Ingredients: Carbonated water - 200 ml of oat flakes - 100g, or nettle leaves St. John's wort for brunettes, chamomile for blondes and golden-haired Calendula - 100g Result - cleans the skin, gives natural volume, elasticity and density.In a water bath is prepared broth.Flakes and pour water and grass tantalized about 20 minutes, give the brew, tsedyat.The resulting slush cover the scalp and completely dry, clean locks for 30 minutes are wrapped in a bag and a towel.As time passes, and the mask is absorbed, to caress the hair under running water.

2. Ingredients: low-fat yogurt - 200 ml.Result - splendor, soft and obedient.

This one-component mask is applied uniformly on a dirty head for 30 minutes before washing, carefully bandaging.Then brush the strands with water and wash them with shampoo.

formulations for all kinds of curls

My head is spinning the question: "What do masks for the volume of hair at home?"- So that once reached all members of the family: mother, daughter, grandmother or sister.Do not fail here these:

1. Ingredients: egg yolks - on average strand 2 pcs., The amount is adjusted to the length, red pepper powder - one tablespoonResult: the stimulation of blood circulation, growth, luster, density, improved.All mixed, covered the scalp for 45 minutes, the film wraps and hot towel if begins to wave, then the mask is washed off immediately, but in later times the amount of pepper is adjusted downwards.

2. Ingredients: carbonated water - 200 ml, rye bread - slice.Result - controls the operation of the sebaceous glands, adds volume and a healthy appearance.

Rye bread was ground together with water in the slurry, which is applied to the root and along the length of the hair.Keep the mask for 8-10 minutes, and the film is washed off with water.

and masks and painting

Increase splendor, density, elasticity curls achieved with a mask for hair volume.Recipes are prepared at home pretty quickly, there are those who not only do the strands thicker, but also set off the color, for example:

1. Ingredients: yogurt outgo - 200 ml, paint henna - packaging, rye bread - 200 g Result- brilliant color, volume.

Bread and yogurt mixed with henna, allowed to stand for 5 minutes, is applied to dry, clean hair for half an hour.The head is covered with a towel and bag, air conditioning rinsed with water and vinegar (1 liter of liquid - 1ch.l. vinegar).If you do not want to change the color of curls, then do not add in the henna.