What newly-fallen snow?

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animates the newly-fallen snow forest, farmland and wild open spaces.Yesterday they were lifeless and dark, and in the morning - newly-fallen snow is white, bright and lively.The first snow has shown a picture of the night life of the beast, and the dead of hitherto closed.All newly-fallen snow made the invisible visible, and told about the mysteries of the life of the forest.

newly-fallen snow.The meaning

meaning of "newly-fallen snow" in the publication mainly interpreted the same way.Newly-fallen snow is considered a layer of fresh snow.Sometimes referred to as the first snow.A hunter in the dictionary and you can find the answer to the question of what the newly-fallen snow, "It's snowing, knocked down all night and stop in the morning."Word is the Common Slavonic.The term goes back to the same basis as powder, powder.It turns out that the earth from heaven as it were covered by a white powder - any kind of snow: wet (snow porridge), and the frozen bulk (cereals), feathery and delicate, puader (mainly found in the mountains), virgin.By the way, "virgin" at the snowboarders, for example, is virtually the same as the newly-fallen snow - untouched, freshly fallen soft layer of snow.Hunters newly-fallen snow that fell in each subsequent time, called "perenova", t. To. She hides the traces of the old and new exhibits.Depending on the type of snow distinguish types of newly-fallen snow.But let's talk about this later.

wild expanses

no snow in the winter for nenametannogo eye fauna life invisible.You can spend hours wandering through the woods or the steppe and, in birds, not to meet a living creature.But the land sprinkled white newly-fallen snow, and began to see the string trace animals.Paradise for this Tracker is the first snow covered forest during the late fall or the so-called pre-winter.At this time the activity has many animals, not yet is lying in hibernation: raccoon dogs, badgers.Also, the activity of some representatives of the animal world, which most of the time in the winter - the snow and on the surface appear very rarely, muskrats, moles, water rats.In the newly-fallen snow gives way movements of individual gerbils and ground squirrels, which are also not yet completely hid in their burrows.If new snow falls a long time to form the so-called "mnogosleditsa."Fresh footprint of an animal from the old in this case is quite difficult to distinguish, but it opens up new favorable side for observation Rangers: easier to find animal tracks, identify the animal's favorite places, the traces of their struggle with each other.

Types of newly-fallen snow

visibility and quality of tracks depends on the type of newly-fallen snow.People experienced who frequent winter forest and mostly hunters, fishermen, lovers-trackers, and just villagers who live "from the forest" and regularly go there for different reasons, even for firewood, are well aware that a newly-fallen snowand by the form and type immediately determine which snow fell.Deep and high snow called "dead" newly-fallen snow.According to this person, and the snow and the large animal is difficult to pass, and small animals, and even more so - sit, wait out, that there is no trace.On "printed" newly-fallen snow, on the contrary, traces of the thousand, and all clear, relief."Hard" newly-fallen snow is also called "noisy."It usually happens in cold weather - loose snow crunching underfoot man and beast, creates noise.Hunter claims to be, and the game - well, heard in advance of the approach of danger and have time to bury."Blowing" newly-fallen snow - snow carried by the wind from one land to another.Accordingly, the fact that this newly-fallen snow "horse" can be easily guessed - it falls to the snow clouds precipitate.Yet there is such a thing as a newly-fallen snow "warm."This means fallen snow lies in the warm weather, and is already beginning to melt.

newly-fallen snow - faithful assistant hunters

snow waiting for not only the kids in the winter.There is a certain contingent of men waiting impatiently this type of precipitation.Hunter.What newly-fallen snow, he knows firsthand.If fresh snow fell, so you can faithfully identify where and where the animal ran in the recent time, and at the time to take a gun and go hunting.In such a "hot" should be easy to calculate the pheasants, gray and white partridges, especially suited for this early in the morning, before they have time to fly to a new feeding after night.For the experienced hunter to read the marks on the newly-fallen snow there is no trouble: Has the elk, rode whether protein il compacted snow mountain goat.Many years spent away from the beasts, taught to read "white paper."

And in a city newly-fallen snow pritrusit dust, snow shielding blanket houses and streets brighten many in the yard and on the soul.Nature.She always will present to man something good.Only need to learn to wait.