How to make money on the Internet: from the simple to the complex

New time offers new possibilities.And if only a decade ago, the work of the Internet was to determine the destiny of the students and those who are forced for various reasons to stay at home, today a lot of talented and ambitious people are wondering: "How to make money on the Internet?" And not in vain, the web many opportunitiesfor experts of various profiles, over time, even a new profession, allowing to realize creative potential.

Nowadays, thousands of people around the world working in the network - in the field of information technology, is web designers, developers, journalists, creators of video.These people are creative warehouse, which embody the many creative ideas.Internet has become for them a source of highly stable basic income.

order to seriously develop its business in this direction, of course, needed investments and, above all, in their own education, in the development of the profession.This business also has its own specifics in terms of the labor market.However, there always need to start somewhere, it is important to take the first steps.And if you do not know whether really to make money online, we offer together with us to make a small digression.We will review the most relevant options, step by step - from simple to complex.Let's start with how to make money online newbie.

distinct advantages

First of all, of course, is to evaluate the potential benefits for themselves.And a lot of them.Remote work, namely, it is meant in this case gives a certain freedom and advantages:

  • independent planning work;
  • in most cases the absence of superiors;
  • realization of creative abilities;
  • large variety of activities;
  • and finally, in the presence of sufficient experience and diligence, the earnings can be unlimited.

there any disadvantages of this work?They are difficult to name those.However, there is need to work hard to constantly improve skills, this activity involves the responsibility and organization.It is from these qualities will depend on your earnings and growth prospects.

money online without investment

When you first think about this work and do not have yet any skills, such as writing articles, the options proposed below, will evaluate the opportunities and make the first steps.Many are skeptical of this embodiment, and in vain.This is one of the best ways to make money online student, for example.In addition, all you need is a working Internet, email, WebMoney purse and, of course, time.

dwell on how you can still make money online newbie.Numerous exchanges of freelancing can be obtained from the customers various tasks.Many of them are quite legitimate opportunity to make money honestly, nothing is not investing.For example, you may be required to post a comment on sites, engage in forums, write posts and leave links.

Earnings in soc.Networks

no secret that social networks has recently been used more for advertising than for communication.First of all, it's among the most popular ones, such as "VC», «Facebook», «Classmates".Due to direct contact with consumers, they allow you to create, without exaggeration, unique advertising.In addition, there are advertising links to resources, partner programs.To do this, you need to have a personal account in the network.Today there are projects that allow users to advertise a product, service, etc., and others to make on this.At the same time paid no comments, "likes", invitations to groups, add friends, and others.

Here you can run an administrator in the group if there is spare time, selling links and posts, create a Public (the page with useful information), and finally, a group forpromotion of goods and services.Naturally, it is necessary to be an active user of the network.For this purpose, for obvious reasons, are more suitable «Facebook» and "Classmates" than, say, "VC".This is due primarily to the age category of users of these resources.

This is just some of the activities for beginners.There are affiliate programs that pay for registration on the site;to do mediation, linking customers with freelancers.As you can see, ways to make money online, without investing anything, abound.

How much can you earn in this way?Enough to pay, for example, utility bills, recharge mobile, boasting first pocket money.

Earnings on articles

slightly more complicated task.This activity, of course, fit journalists, philologists, people who have experience in writing articles, editors, translators.But even if this experience behind them there, but you're a person competent and possess a fair amount of imagination, this work for you.The new profession - a copywriter, rewriter, seo copywriter, online journalists - are popular and in demand.Especially in these days for various reasons, many publications are closed.

Many have mastered new skills.Nevertheless, in a nutshell we tell you what they are.Rewriter - a man who knows how to skillfully to rewrite the proposed article, while retaining the original meaning.However, it should make it unique and very different from the original.This job requires a lot of concentration.Copywriter - a specialist who knows how to write interesting and unique articles on a given topic, after analyzing it.

This may be reviews of sites, products, advertising, informative articles, workshops, etc.Seo copywriter - a copywriter who can not only write unique content, but formally incorporated into the text of the proposed customer keywords and phrases on which search engines and find its life.

How to start?To understand how to make money online copywriting or rewriting, you must register on one of the exchanges of articles.They are quite a lot today.One example - Exchange eTXT.And then it's simple.Log in, choose from the list of orders subject, who is well versed, applying, wait for confirmation and start working.

However, there are many pitfalls.Learn profession rewriter copywriter or have more than one month.In addition to literacy and creative edge, you will need skill and professionalism.Here nobody by and large do not need your degree in, or work experience outside the system.Customer must have a unique and interesting content, often carry articles.Assess your skills will be rated in the system and reviews of other customers.Both need to earn in order to get well-paid orders.

order to assert themselves in the system, as well as a realistic assessment of their own capabilities at this stage, we strongly recommend taking internal testing.What does it mean?Try to write a job qualification.Topics and assignments for similar works (copywriting, rewriting, seo copywriting) are all, without exception.To work you must prepare.Your work will be evaluated by moderators Exchange (eds.)Work requirements are quite high, estimated skills, literacy, informative, style.Highest score - three stars.But if you are without experience in these professions receive 2 stars for the work, your prospects are very high.

In these same resources easy to find a job and translators, and editors.And customers work valued interpreters, as a rule, a little above.So if you own a foreign language, you can assume that you have some advantages.It will be useful whatever your ability.If you are an expert in any field, you can earn on writing term papers and dissertations.In addition, you can write articles on any topic and put up for sale on the stock exchanges.

However, not everyone here will depend on your skill.You must be punctual, work should always take in time, not a minute later, otherwise it will go into the category of non-performing.In addition, it can be very useful to be your communication skills.Business etiquette has not been canceled, with customers must be able to communicate in the same way as in any other field, you need to be able to solve complex issues and to find common ground.We must remember that a well-written a negative review can permanently deprive you of decent order.So rude and punctuality in this field, to put it mildly, are not welcome.

How much can you earn in this way?In the first few months a little bit.But with diligence in a couple of months, you will have regular customers, and fees for the articles will start to grow.A good copywriter can really earn from $ 500 per month and above.

How to make money on the internet yet?

Many people know that such file-sharing sites.However, not all realize how they can earn.It turns out, it can be a bad thing, even without having your own website.There are file sharing, which for posting and downloading files, you need to pay.The best by far considered Vip-file, Turbobit, LetitBit.You fill up an interesting file, place the reference to it in social.networks, you can blog.The money awarded to you for download it by other users.The calculation is usually performed for 1000 of downloaded files.If you have your own life, the income may be much higher, you will be able to free disk space on the hosting and save money at the same time.

Earnings owners own website, and even more than one, will increase manifold.However, they can not be called the inexpensive.For example, the most common are affiliate programs Clicks (PPC).This is Google Adsense, «Tu Bi Bi», WMlink, Pay-Click and others. In addition, there are gaming affiliate programs which pay for visitors who have registered in the game for the action.For example, LiveGames or Alawar - system offering earnings through implementation of casual games.There is also a program of "buying and selling".Here accrued interest on purchases made by users referred by you.Owners can make its own resources and direct sales reference.

In addition, the exchanges of freelancing is not difficult to find a job Web designer.Of course, in order to master this profession, you need to learn.The easiest way to pass paid courses, of which there are many today.This is an investment of money in their own learning, but believe me, they will be repaid with interest, with due diligence.You will be able to draw for sites to earn on banners, teasers.Having mastered the program Adobe Photoshop, you can make and edit photos for websites, and for its customers.Upon learning programming, you will also be able to earn quite well.

Be vigilant

can not ignore the activities on which to spend their time not worth it, no matter how much "useful" information, you may read about them on the web.This, above all, well-publicized earnings for clicks on the Captcha, referrals, letters, graphics cards, SMS subscription.And briefly explain why not.

Earnings on clicks

There are two types of such earnings.More focus on one of them.How to start?You just need to register with one of the Internet-based systems, which are called "axlebox" or "postal service", as, for example, Wmmail, WMzona, Seosprint, Greenstree, etc., and take an order from the advertiser.You get the address of the site you should look.In the view of one resource you should take from 15 seconds to a minute.In your account on the system will be listed for this money, which can then lead to the purse WebMoney.However, to really make any significant money this way you do not get, but spend the time - yes.Although the web has information about how to obtain 100-200 dollars a month, but in reality no one is yet succeeded.

Earnings from referrals

Here everything is as simple.System users who are logged on to your ref-links for you are referrals.This link enables the system to determine who exactly are you attracted.You, in turn, are for those users the referee and get rewarded for it.And this method is equally unsuccessful as the previous one.Just think how many people you have to register in the system, how many actions they need to make to your financial results began to acquire any meaningful shape.

Kupchan, video, SMS subscription

It is absolutely pointless same methods can be attributed earnings on entering CAPTCHA.The customer can offer you a job, which is the need to enter numbers and symbols (captcha) in a special window.And there are services that organize these services (,, however, says that this "monkey work".Symbols are usually in Latin, the speed you have to do much, for every mistake wages removed.

As for graphics cards - this job is the installation of special software on your computer which will make it compute.However, in this case the electricity your appliances will absorb so much that really make money you just do not see.

should also be said about the very "black" method, which is dangerous at all.Such suggestions you may have already met.Sometimes, to obtain specific information you are required to enter a mobile number on any site, to get a text message and then enter the appropriate code.What are the consequences of such actions?From the account of the phone will be removed as a result of the considerable sums - from 200 to 400 rubles.With one mobile can be charged the amount to 2000 thousand. Rubles.If you encounter such proposals, know there is a law that restricts these actions.

As you can see, in this area fly in the ointment, of course, there is.In the web a lot of crooks who want to fish you out of your hard-earned money.So in search of work, be careful.Do not fall for their bait.If you are offered, for example, work on typing and asked to pay disks, do not send anything.You're looking for a job, not a way to spend their money.

In addition, any person who works on the Internet must be very serious about its reputation and to protect it in every way.Because of the numerous scams online, trust to potential employers, customers, specialists are currently small.In most cases, people will evaluate is your reputation.

We briefly looked at some ways to make money online.These are real and, most importantly, honest earning potential.As you can see, you can not just turn the Internet into a very stable source of income, but with time and open your business.The main thing, the mind to approach to learning and ways to get round dishonest gain.