World - a vision of the world

World - is a way of human orientation in the world around him.It includes the most general knowledge about the world in general and its place in it.World - a complex of ideas, which is required of the individual to assert himself, to organize their behavior, activities and fellowship.Also, it is impossible to determine without main direction in his life, select the line of the prevailing behavior.

important components that make up the world and its structure:

- the subject of the representation of the world;

- value system of the individual;

- Beliefs personality.

World as adopted at this stage, there is understanding as much as humanity itself.However, the different historical periods filled him different content.Always distinguishes it from social groups.The main types of philosophy, historically - is a religious, mythological, scientific and everyday.

first appeared mythological worldview.Ancient legends, legends of the gods, their omnipotence, the various characters in the figurative, metaphorical form of expressing the perception of reality, understanding of the world a man who is on the level of development.Myths of different peoples have many similar moments.Also, they are full of inconsistencies and contradictions, which, however, did not bother the people first.Most likely, then this type of consciousness was the only way to spiritual understanding of reality.We can say that the mythological worldview - a set of ideas about the world, which are based on the belief in the divine power on fantasy.

But more was spent in the development of humanity, the more it loses the old vision of the world (although some of its elements can still be found in contemporary mass consciousness).A huge influence on the thinking began to have a religion.The religious worldview - is, above all, faith in a higher power and the existence of the lower and the heavenly world.From mythological, it differs in that encourages people to understand their differences from the natural world and to realize belonging to the human race.

Ordinary world to a greater or lesser extent is present in the first two levels of perception of the world.It consists of a set of views on reality, on human behavior and based on the experience of previous generations, in many areas of life.The range of the ordinary world is wider than the mythological and religious.It reflects the experience, lifestyle and interests specific to certain social groups.

formed simultaneously with the ordinary and the scientific worldview.This concept of the structure of the world, the role of the individual in it.The basis of these ideas are scientific information.The development of science contributes to the development of the world.

All these historically view of the world have both positive and negative sides.For example, religious and mythological worldview perceive reality distortion.But they help to maintain the link between generations, consolidate and transmit the norms of behavior in society.The scientific outlook is based on the logic in the judgment of all rational way.However, it is, rejecting the intuitive knowledge, not all can reflect.

So there is a need to explain the world by applying rational and irrational thinking at the same time.From this need arose and philosophical outlook.It complements all that remains unsolved in the previous types.The philosophical outlook covers the attitude of the individual to the world and sees what is happening in terms of importance to humans.