What is the classification of PTT and its features

December 7, 1999 Russian Tennis Federation has established a non-profit partnership PTT - "Russian tennis tour."The purpose of his creation - the operational management of the whole system of events taking place in Russia.In this organization is assigned a specific set of responsibilities that were to simplify some tasks.

Responsibilities Tour

1. Development of various documents, such as regulations or provisions of the PTT, which will determine the nationwide general procedure for organizing and conducting competitions in tennis.

2. Drawing up a calendar of competitions held in Russia (for each year).

3. Execution of the selection of the organizers of the tennis tournaments, and their certification.

4. Control of refereeing, holding, organization of scheduled tournaments.

5. Maintenance and preparation of various documents (such as PTT or statistical classification, information materials, which may require from the FCS).

What is the classification of the Tour

According to the Regulation, the very classification of PTT is an ordered list of points by the number of tennis players registered and regularly takes part in the Tour.

There is the official website of the Russian Tennis Federation, which is available with all the provisions, updates and data related to the issue of such a sport like tennis.Classification of PTT and other documents are edited every year with all the necessary conditions.On the same site you can find a table of classification.It is conveniently organized: search for available names and initials, the registration number of the player (IDH).You can also view a list of participants from a specific city or age category.

classification is divided by gender athletes - men and women.Also, according to the regulations Tour PTT classification of players going on, as mentioned above, the age criteria.So, from the age of nine, children and young people of both sexes divided into five categories: under 12, 14, 16 and 18 years old.And then there is the overall classification for adult men and women without any age restrictions.Updating the data is once a month for each of the first number.

What affects the number of points of Tennis

Points classification enroll two points:

- for places that have been employed in a particular tournament PTT;

- for the force that makes the player.

Thus on every single tennis affect performance of other players.Attendance and category of the tournament, the power and qualification number of rivals - all of these data are taken into the account when determining the number of points for each athlete.For more detailed information, you can use the Regulation on the classification of the Russian TT for a detailed formula for calculating forces members and their detailed description.

type classification and its purpose

PTT This classification is a convenient way to manage the system of competition.Thus, it can help determine the composition of the future participants, the tournament grid and make it easy to compare the results shown by athletes.

classification table format consists of ten columns, which listed the following information:

- classification number assigned by the player;

- the name of the athlete (name), date of birth and hometown;

- field player;

- registration number of the participant (IDH);

- information about the coach and the club, for which the number of the athlete;

- age group;

- quantitative indicators (number of tournaments, matches, wins, points).

All of this classification is made on the basis of the data received by the PTT address, and BTA in the form of reports on past events.