Deposits of the bank "Revival" for individuals

«Revival" - a large bank with its head office located in Moscow.It ranked among the top 50 financial indicators of credit institutions.The Bank has a fairly extensive network of branches, located mainly in Central Russia.

was created Bank "Revival" in 1991 by converting one of the offices AgropromBank USSR.The founders of the credit institution and currently retain control over significant shareholdings, which together account for about 60%.

nature of the business of a financial institution - universal.Among the clients are a large number of large and medium-sized enterprises.At the same time actively developing retail sector lending and deposits.

For customers who want to place their spare funds to the benefit offered by the bank "Revival" deposits.The interest rate will vary depending on the program selected and the shelf life of the money in the account.It may be up to 11% per annum.


Deposits Bank "Revival" program "Instant" can be open around the clock, using the self-service machines or online banking.Initially, it is necessary to deposit a minimum of 3000 rubles, while the customer can choose a convenient period: 1, 3 months or half a year.

After the placement period to apply to a bank branch is also not required.The entire amount will be automatically transferred back to the plastic card, it will come as accrued interest.Interest rates on deposits of the bank "Revival" under the "Snapshot" provides from 9.5 to 9.95% per annum.

«Profitable with monthly payments»

Open deposits of the bank "Revival" under the terms of "Profitable with monthly payments" may be in Russian or foreign currency.At the time of the contract to a bank account have to make over the counter of a minimum of 3000 rubles, 100 dollars or euros.In any case, you can always replenish the account.

Bank "Revival" deposits of natural persons under this program takes a period of 3, 6 months, 1, 1.5 or 2 years.Income is accrued at the rate of 9,5-10,6% in rubles, 1,4-3% in dollars and 1.2-2.5% in euros.The interest is paid every month, and, if desired, the customer can be capitalized to the principal amount.

«Profitable Online»

similar deposits under the program "Profitable with monthly" Bank deposits "Revival" under the terms of "Profitable Online" opened only with corporate internet banking.The Russian currency rate as high as 11%, and in foreign currency - 3%.Term of placing the money in the bank account of the customer's choice can be between 3 and 24 months.The payment of profit takes place every month.The depositor can specify any account for the transfer of interest or choose their capitalization to increase profits.

«Comfort" and "Comfort line»

two very similar programs, "Comfort" and "Comfort line" are available for those who need partial withdrawal.These deposits of the bank "Revival" differ in the way of opening and the maximum interest rate in rubles."Comfortable" is issued at the office of the credit institution and can yield up to 10.6% in rubles and 3.25% in USD and 2.75% in euro for new depositors."Comfort line" is opened via internet banking.On it you can get up to 11% in the Russian currency and the same rate in foreign.The period of placement is allowed to choose from the following options: 6 months, 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 years.


clients who are afraid of losses due to sharp rate changes or want to earn additional income due to changes in the value of currency, deposits available to the bank "Revival" program "Multi".At the time of the contract accounts shall be opened immediately in US dollars, Russian rubles and euros.Between them can be any number of times to transfer funds without loss of interest from one currency to another.Shelf life money can be 6 months, 1, or 1.5 years.The ruble rate will be 8,1-8,4% per annum, and the dollar and the euro - 0.5-1.2%.

Special Conditions

Bank "Revival" offers deposits for pensioners on special conditions involving increased interest.For example, opening a deposit "Profitable with monthly payments" and present at the conclusion of the contract the pension certificate, in rubles, you can get up to 10.9% per annum.

higher rates also available to participants of salary projects and employees of public enterprises.It should be noted that the bank "Revival" offers to realize the receiving salaries through the bank cards not only for the whole business, but also for individual customers.

Other products intended for private customers

universal nature of the business leads to a large number of services offered by the credit institution to individuals.Among them are not only deposits but also loans, remote service, safe deposit boxes, credit cards and other products.

Some products offered by the bank "Revival" have few analogues in the Russian market, for example, "Individual salary project."This service allows you to receive payments from an employer in the bank "Revival".Along with the convenient control of your money the client receives additional benefits:

  • Reduced rates for consumer loans and a reduced set of documents.
  • improved conditions when placing the majority of deposits.Interest rates on deposits of the bank "Revival" at the same time offer more.
  • Remote control finances, including the discovery of deposits.

Cash placed in the bank "Revival" individuals who are insured under the laws of Russia.

long history, large, well-diversified assets and liabilities suggest the bank "Revival" as a reliable financial institution.Ease of remote maintenance and wide geography of offices provides a comfortable working with the lending institution.Therefore, the bank "Revival" - a good selection of modern financial institutions for the majority of customers.