Serena Williams: height, weight, parameters and biography tennis

Serena Williams, height, weight and the biography that will be presented in this article, is a legend of tennis.The game style is different athletes Assertive, sharpness and strength, which is not unique to the stunning feeding women, but for her inner spirit.Just for this reason, it is considered the best tennis player Serena planet, leading the world ranking.Let's find out the details of the life of this outstanding athlete.


Serena Williams (height, weight, see. Below) was born in Saganou (Michigan) in 1981 and became the youngest of the sisters.The first three girls stayed with his mother's first marriage.Then she met Richard Williams and gave birth to his Venus and Serena.Later in life, Richard has played a significant role women.

When Serena was nine, her parents divorced and the girl with the big family moved to Compton (CA).Here, along with Venus, she went to the tennis academy "Mackie."Since then, and began the path to the top of the girls tennis Olympus.

Start Trek

From the first lessons Serena made serious progress.Due to its endurance and willpower she became very uncomfortable opponent for opponents.This brought a lot of Williams wins at junior competitions.Sportswoman played with inspiration and strong, and therefore nothing could stop her - neither the circumstances nor rivals.

In 14 years, Serena Williams, height, weight, and parameters which are known to all her fans became professionalka.She left the academy and became involved in the care of his father.Later she changed a lot of coaches, but her father was always there and support.Perhaps it help a loved one helped the girl to achieve such impressive results.

Sporting achievements

in 1997, occupying the position 304 of the world ranking, Serena beat Monica Seles - one of the strongest athletes of the time.After that, she also brilliantly beat Mary Pierce and entered the top 100 tennis players in WTA.

In 1998, she had already shone at Grand Slam events.At the end of the tournament Serena rose to twentieth place world ranking.This enabled her to move from the category of rising stars among the best athletes of the time.Several months later, Williams won her 1st Grand Slam tournament.It happened in the English Wimbledon mixed doubles competition.Then she played with a Belarusian Maxim Mirny.Some time later, she won with him and US Open.

In 1999, Serena Williams, whose biography is known to all her fans, has achieved impressive success in singles.Cup US Open she beat Martina Hingis itself.After that victory in the competitions of such high-level athletes have entered into a habit.In total, the Grand Slam she won as many as 32 times.At the moment she is on the first line of the rating of the strongest tennis players of the planet.

Other achievements

Serena Williams, whose biography is an example of role model for tennis players, failed to manifest itself in other areas.She has participated in the development of sportswear "Aneres".Subsequently Serena touting the brand as a model.In addition, at Williams signed a promotional contract with "Puma", "Reebok" and "Nike".

she also performed well as an actress.Her filmography includes 12 feature films and several documentaries.And at tennis was the experience of sound cartoon "Avatar."

Serena Williams: height, weight, and parameters

on this subject in numerous sources published different figures.To clarify, we present data from an interview she gave Serena Williams.Parameters figure tennis player in her own words, the following: the waist - 71 cm hips - 112 cm chest - 96 cm. With regard to the weight of the athlete, it ranges from 77 to 83 kilograms, depending on the training loads.Serena Height - 175 cm.


This area has always been interesting to the numerous fans of the girl.Serena Williams, whose personal life has always been available to the public, over the years met with many of the leading lights of the USA.Its elected representatives are a musician, "Common," the actor Jackie Long and sportsman Bryant McKinney.

Currently tennis is in a relationship with Patrick Moratoglu - director of the tennis academy.It is noteworthy that before Williams stated his desire to link their lives with only black guys.So, Patrick, who is an ethnic Greek, still managed to convince the athlete.