How beautiful to collect hair yourself?

How beautiful to collect hair?On this issue facing all of the fair sex, because the same type of hairstyle bored and want to bring some variety to the image.In this article we will talk about this in more detail and will offer you the simplest and fastest way to hair styling.

What we can come in handy?

  • Curler.
  • Hair curlers.
  • Invisible.
  • Comb m assazhnaya and teeth.
  • pins.
  • gum.
  • Roller beam.
  • Hairspray.

How beautiful to collect hair in a ponytail?

seemingly ordinary tail of hair.How can it change?In fact, many ways to longitudinally.Firstly, you can do a high ponytail with fleece.For this before, how to fix hair barrette, we make a small fleece with a comb with teeth and sprinkled it with lacquer.Then contract the tail.Secondly, if you have long hair or medium, do the pigtail or the harness.To do this, collected hair in a ponytail or braid twist.A good way to diversify everyday hair is curling.Hair can be screwed onto the tongs or heated rollers after they gather in a ponytail.

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How beautiful to collect hair with a pigtail?

braids are very popular now, in connection with which there are many variations of weaving: ears, ordinary braids, French, "fishtail" and so on.Make a similar hairstyle is simple, but will have to work out more than once, to quickly and efficiently implement them.Traditional braid can be braided directly or obliquely (ie not begin weaving from the center of the head and to the side or even from the Temple).Also it looks wonderful "fish tail".Spit weaves as follows: the hair is divided into two parts, small locks on each side in turn spill over to the other.To make the amount of weaving can be a bit of stretch.

How beautiful to collect hair with a pencil?

Bunches of braid. Divide the hair into three sections and braided by dragging bands.Then roll each braid into a bagel and secure the base with the help of hairpins.If desired, such a beam can be decorated with a bow or a flower.

Volume beams.A To create this hairstyle, we need a special roller.We collect hair in a ponytail, and scroll through it, thereby obtaining a bulk baranochki.Stray strands can be hidden by stealth.

bundle of tail. Gather hair into a low ponytail with a rubber band.Tight is not addictive.Next, a little moved away from the gum base.We share the hair at this location on the two parts.In the hole is threaded tail.Then fix the tip in the hole, thus obtaining a funny loop, which, if desired, can be decorated with a hairpin, pin or comb.Fast and nice to collect hair can also use the Greek gum.Dress her in the head and the front strand is passed through it.The rest of the hair can be left loose or are also threaded through the bandage to arrive at a Greek hairstyle.

Now you know how to collect hair very beautiful.Experiment and safely make your way compelling and unlike other