How to remove the red stain of acne: fast ways

How to remove a red spot on the pimple at home fast?Not surprisingly, people's councils here have been applied.There are lots of advice and recipes on this occasion, but which ones are really effective?Let's deal.

How to remove a red spot on the pimple?Learn their causes

As a rule, after the acne spots remain for a long time, if they squeeze.This is the most common problem of adolescence.To do this (crush pimples) is not recommended because, firstly, the infection can spread through the body, and secondly, the inflammation can spread to the rest of the skin.The spots may appear in a situation where the pimple was great saphenous.In any case, fight redness is possible and necessary.

How to remove a red spot on the pimple: practical advice

The most popular advice is to rub the face of the frozen cubes of chamomile infusion.This not only tones the skin, but is struggling with redness.How to remove red spots from acne fast?You can connect and salicylate-zinc paste, which is used locally.It needs to be applied directly on the stain and leave a layer of fat for the night.It is best to stick a plaster on top that night paste does not lubricated.In addition to these tips in folk medicine can be found the following recommendations: on the spot to put the toothpaste, preferably with mint.Such nonstandard its use will reduce the redness on the face in record time.But if you need to remove the stain for a few hours, there can help banal eye drops: because they struggle with red-eye, is not it?How to remove red spots after acne eye drops?Very simple!Suffice it to put two or three drops into place and let dry.These are simple and easy tips to help get rid of the stains in the home.

How to remove a red spot on the pimple: domestic tonic

to spot did not appear, you need to wipe face every day home, self-made solution.Such a kind of tonic to help control the process of acne, as well as the process of dealing with this hateful guest.What is the success of the home tonic?In natural components.To achieve excellent results, mix one bottle of tincture of calendula and salicylic alcohol (1%).Optionally, you can dilute it all the medical antiseptic in the same proportion.Tonic is strong enough, so do not forget the moisturizer.The effect will be visible after two days of its use.And to get rid of acne will be able, after three weeks of continuous use.

spots of acne - it's always an unpleasant consequence of the fight against acne.But it turns out they can fight.And very easily.The above tips have passed the test of time, so their effectiveness is no doubt.We just need to find the right recipe is for your skin - after all strictly individually ...