The Boeing 737 300 - the founder of the vast family

Boeing 737 300 is the most popular to date, narrow-body aircraft.The project for its establishment, Boeing began work in 1981. The first ship of this model flew on 02.24.1984, the

The developers of the process of creating the Boeing aircraft were delivered very complex task.After the research and assembly work the company expects to receive the liner about 150 seats, can carry out passenger flights in the middle distance, and has a low fuel consumption.Ultimately aircraft failed to meet expectations.The first company that has acquired the Boeing 737 300 Winglets, became "SouthWest AirLines", and the first aircraft of this type with its logo on the body took off in November 1984

As noted earlier, the liner of this model is based on Boeing737 200 Advanced.In this it differs from its predecessor on several indicators:

  • fuselage length increased by 2.64 m;

  • increased wingspan;

  • appeared complex digital EFIS with multifunctional color displays;

  • the opportunity to install a satellite GPS-navigator.

As a result, the Boeing 737 300 were safer than previously developed by Boeing aircraft models.Thanks to GPS-navigator the airliner has had an opportunity to make automatic landing even in quite difficult conditions.

737 300 has good performance even with the condition that he has developed almost 30 years ago.If required, the aircraft is capable of relatively high speed equal to 945 km / h.Moreover, its cruising speed is 910 km / h.It is equipped with 2 turbofan engines CFM International CFM56-3C1.Airliner is capable of flying at a distance of no more than 4 670 km.With regard to the maximum height, then this plane it at 10 to 200 m. In the event that no liner bears no additional cargo, including passengers and crew members, its weight is 32 460 kg.Thus it can take off even if a larger weight to 62 820 kg.The length of the aircraft is 33.4 m. Wingspan of 28.88 m. The height - 11.13 m. With these parameters the Boeing 737 300 in today is considered one of the most high-quality aircraft.Most often it is used for passenger flights in the middle distance.

liner is required to control the 2 pilots.He is able to simultaneously carry on its board from 130 to 149 people depending on the configuration.Passenger seats are located in rows 6 to 3 on each side.Salon has a good design.The developers have provided quite spacious aisle between the seats, resulting in passengers or flight attendants do not experience difficulties in the process of movement around the cabin of the aircraft.

Boeing 737 300 is very popular among the airlines.It can be seen at the airports of South and North America, Europe and Asia.The project turned out really successful, and the Boeing Company decided to make him the founder of a whole family of aircraft.On the basis of this aircraft models were developed 737-400, 737-600,737-500, 737-700 and 737-800.At the same time, and he is used to this day, because he trusted airlines themselves and passengers.