Tibetan gymnastics "Eye of the revival."

Tibetan gymnastics "eye of revival" was brought to Europe an English colonel.It is not a secret and very popular on the European continent.Many Hollywood stars say that "eye of revival" - a Tibetan exercises for weight loss.This is only partly true.In fact, the main task of "Oka" - improvement of the body by acting as a physical and the energy body.The complex consists of five exercises that are performed every day in the morning and more preferably in the evening.The maximum number of repetitions of exercises - 21. In general, Tibetan gymnastics takes you about 20 minutes.I think this is a small price for their own health and longevity. Exercise 1

stand upright.Arms extended to the side located at the shoulders.From this position, starts to rotate on the spot in a clockwise direction to sense light dizziness.Many adults quite six times to the head began to spin.Therefore, beginners are advised to confine the monks only three turnovers.I think, should heed the advice, as practiced by Tibetan exercises of more than one hundred years.

Exercise 2

Lie on your back.It is better to lay on the floor a soft carpet.Hands with closed fingers outstretched at your sides and palms pressed to the floor.Head tilts forward up until will press chin to the chest.From this position, lift your feet up (vertical) to the separation of the pelvis from the floor.Knees not to bend.Then slowly lower your feet on the floor.As for breathing, when lowered - do exhale when lifting - breath.

Exercise 3

This exercise should be carried out without delay for the first two.We kneel down so that her hips were strictly vertical floor.Tilt your head forward and pressed his chin to the chest.Then, with his hands on hips, tilt your head back, sticking out his chest and bending the spine.We breathe the same way as in the second exercise.

Exercise 4

We sit on the floor and stretch the legs forward, divorced shoulder-width apart.Straighten your back.Hands with closed fingers are located on either side of the buttocks.Sami fingers pointing forward.Chin pressed against his chest.Throws his head back and at the same time raising the pelvis forward to the horizontal position of the body.In the final position of the legs (from the feet to the knees) and hands placed vertically as the legs at the table.And the body, from head to knees - horizontally.In the initial position exhale when lifting gently inhale.

Exercise 5

initial position - like when performing push-ups, but your palms rest on the floor of the pelvis.The body relies only on the hands and toes.Housing in this case is vertical, both during the walk.After the transition to a position similar to an acute angle whose apex is looking up.When laying emphasis - exhale.When folding the body in the position of an acute angle - take a deep breath.

Remember that Tibetan exercises should be done daily.Breathe better through your nose.Allowed to pass only one class per week.If you do not have time, do each exercise at least 3 times.When systematic absences Tibetan gymnastics will not do any good.Good luck!