Nakhil Tower in Dubai - unfulfilled dream height of one kilometer

hard to imagine that not too much time has passed since the moment when the best city in the world to be built was arid desert with a small fishing village.Currently, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is the heart of the architectural life of the world.It is here that are raised the most incredible buildings on the planet and to implement the most daring creative imagination of architects.

dream did not come true

planned that Nakhil Tower is more than a kilometer in height, and to serve more than 200 floors would need approximately 150 elevators.Structure design of four separate elements provides special structural strength and allows the wind to pass freely on airlift.The total volume of concrete in the amount of 500 thousand cubic meters planned to be used in the construction of this gigantic tower.

Nakhil Tower (photo modeled version simply amazing) provided an incredible conditioning system, elements of which would be enough to be installed in more than 14 thousand. Modern homes.Or for the maintenance of 14 luxurious and comfortable resort hotels, 2 thousand. Rooms each, and expanded infrastructure.Nakhil Tower has in its possession about 10 thousand car parking spaces.

vertical city in the heart of Dubai

project to build the tower on the coast of Dubai provided to meet the 10-year period.Start of the construction was scheduled for 2010, and by 2020 Nakhil Tower (Dubai) was supposed to appear in the completed form.The highest structure in the world would represent a true vertical city within Dubai.

In early 2009, it was reported that due to the financial crisis, the implementation was suspended for at least one year.By the end of 2009, the construction project of the tower was ready, but the realization of a dream in life was still in serious doubt.

Multiple adjustment of the project for the construction of

Initially, the project "Nakhil Tower" was built under the name "Pinnacle" at the center of an artificially created island palm Yumayra and reach a height of 750 meters.The tower was to consist of 120 floors, and include exclusive luxury apartment "Lux", a large fitness center, restaurants and much more.Pinnacle is a 4 closely spaced semi-circular towers that were to be linked by special bridges to each other.But the idea did not come true, and the project was moved to another location.

Later, another project has been prepared, according to which the height of the tower was to reach 1,600 meters, and to be above almost all the skyscrapers around Dubai 2 times.From 2007 to 2008 the building for a few months, was called in the project documentation Tall Tower ("high tower"), while the large enterprise "Nakhil", engaged in real estate, was in search of a new place and did not want to associate itself with the final name.October 5, 2008 the official name was "Nakhil Tower."

infrastructure and tower height

Complex (Nakhil Tower and surrounding buildings) should occupy the territory of more than 270 hectares and represent the whole area, which can accommodate about 55 thousand people.Extra space for offices had to accommodate themselves before 45,000 people.350 thousand square meters planned to put under the shops and marketplaces.The upper floors of the tower was planned luxury hotel.

Nakhil Tower, the height of which is a trade secret, according to information posted on the various sources, was about to rush up to 1000-1200 meters.Draft final height varied considerably.In July 2007, Nakheel CEO Chris O'Donnell said that the height - it's not the most important thing, and the tower will not be higher than the Burj Khalifa (828 meters).However, only a week later, it was confirmed that the tower will be over one kilometer.

financing ambitious project

purpose of the construction was to create one of the most important tourist attractions of Dubai.The total cost of the construction project was $ 38.12 billion. Investors want to recoup the invested capital by selling the land around the skyscraper.On the implementation of the first phase of construction expected to spend $ 1.36 billion.

built lower levels would have to be repaid, and in the meantime continued to be erected to the upper levels.In January 2009, the project was suspended due to financial problems."Nakhil" conducted negotiations with several potential contractors, including the South Korean "Samsung" Japanese corporation "Shimitsu" and Australian "Grokon."

One of the most original architectural projects

Nakhil Tower - is one of the most original projects of the century, proposed by the Australian architect Woods Bagot.Base it intended to perform in a crescent shape, which would be advantageous underlined the height of the structure.The tower is designed taking into account the introduction of new technologies with the latest technological innovations to ensure strength and absolute safety of the structure.

Nakhil Tower was to be not only incredibly high structure and a model of a completely new building concept.The project was developed with the assistance of engineering talent from WSP Cantor Seinuk, and bring to life this great idea it was to take the largest organization "Nakhil".

Nakhil Tower, the extent of which is difficult to imagine, was to become the main attraction of a huge administrative center in Dubai Nakheel Harbour.According to preliminary calculations, the tower would go to a record number of tourists - about one million people annually.At this time, to the great regret, expensive project on hold indefinitely.