Who is the supervisor?

Who is the supervisor?This middle manager having a subordinate from two to twenty persons.Supervisor can be any member of the middle management staff, but preference is given to candidates with higher or special education and sociology.

knowledge of sociology it needs to be able to get in touch with any employee as a mentor to show their leader to a small staff knew the plan of action in a particular situation.Therefore, the supervisor must possess all the skills and abilities that have subordinates to teach beginners and show how to perform a particular action.Also, the specialist can test employees and issue a written report on the prospects and skills of a particular employee.

Who is the supervisor?Russian style is "foreman", performing the alignment of employees, the distribution of work, initial training and qualification.

Who is the supervisor?This employee performs many functions.Job Description Supervisor:

1. Informing employees of their tasks, checking their readiness to address the various issues, the distribution of areas of activity.

2. Adjustment of employment of staff, the appointment of employees to perform certain tasks.

3. Organization of the interchangeability of workers.

4. Determination of prioritization and priorities for the execution of tasks.

5. Ensuring control and continuous monitoring of compliance with the work schedule personnel, according to the arrangement of its staffing.

6. Check security staff logistical and other necessary resources.

7. Adoption of measures to eliminate and prevent conflicts in the team.

8. Evaluation of the quality of work of each employee, the rational use of working time.Supervisor promoters, for example, can come without warning to a place where the past handing out leaflets, in order to verify their presence, as well as to assess their behavior and interaction with people.

9. Assessment of balance and employee loyalty, determination of the degree of confidence in them.

10. The presence of employees in contact with customers, monitoring the behavior of colleagues working, bug fixes and recommendations to the process.

11. Distribution of guidance to employees in accordance with their temperament.

12. Check the working skills of the staff.

13. Taking measures to replace employees in cases which could lead to bad consequences for the company, control of attendance to work in an adequate condition.

14. Identify ways and possibilities of application of the system of rewards and punishments.

15. Talk with staff to determine the causes defective operation and the joint selection of answers to these questions.

16.Organizatsiya personal mentoring and training courses for the lagging workers if they can not deal with the tasks.At negative results of training direction for dismissal for failing the post.

17. Determination of the criteria and requirements of the candidates participate in their selection.

18. Dacha information about newly hired employees, it is required to adapt the human collective.Supervisor introduces the conditions and basic principles of the enterprise.

19. Reporting on the readiness of individual employees to perform certain tasks, as well as on the results of work of employees.

21. Reporting on the quality of work performed by subordinates on the performance of the assigned tasks, and the reasons that led to the disruption of the implementation of plans.

22. In relevant cases, the duties of individual employees.

Now you know who is the supervisor.