Who is merchandiser

modern sales system is built a little differently than it was 20-25 years ago.Among the staff of shops there are many interesting professions whose functions are to this day for most people is a mystery.One of these specialties - merchandiser.If you ask the majority of consumers who have a merchandiser, then the question is unlikely to give a precise answer even every tenth visitor supermarkets.Meanwhile, an expert in the field of merchandising is working in major hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Occupation merchandiser appeared in Russia not so long ago, it came together with well-known foreign brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and others.In the West and in America this specialty has existed for a long time.It is known that the sale of goods can be significantly improved if we use a specific methodology.Merchandising involves the use of just such subtleties and tricks to increase the momentum of the outlet.As part of the marketing, this area is closely linked with all the plans that builds marketing department.

Many people still have no idea what the merchandiser.However, the work of a specialist makes consumers buy.Businesses in this category are divided into three types.The first type - landline.This person is always at the point of sales.He is responsible for what is going on inside the shop.Who is the stationary merchandiser?This is the man who, in the first place, following the shelves and the merchandise.By the way, this feature was originally the main these specialists.It is noted that the particular arrangement of the goods on the shelves, width and height of the shelves themselves may affect the demand for the product and its acquisition.Today, the responsibility of a professional in this field also added advertising and various promotions, price adjustment, if necessary, extension of the shelves and their reduction, monitoring range.Also, this person should help to carry out various actions to maintain the appearance of products, and improve the status of the brand.

There is another kind -Mobile merchandisers.What is a mobile merchandiser?The functions of this expert are different from the functions of stationary employee.If the last works in the point of sale and shall decide all questions on the site, the mobile working competitors.Its function can be compared with the functions of a spy.He comes to the supermarket rival company, but do not buy anything there.His duty - to assess the availability of goods on the shelves, price, location and width of the shelves of goods.Activities of this person does not go unnoticed, however, security and the administration of the hall belong to such "spies" is quite loyal.After all, a competitor has a mobile merchandiser, from time to time go to the store's neighbors.

Now you only find out who is merchandiser Hybrid.This latter category of professionals of this kind.Sometimes called a universal hybrid merchandisers.Their work combines the functions of mobile and stationary specialists.One day they may be engaged in work at the point of sales, and the next - to go to the competition and engage in monitoring.Most often, there are a large network once all three types of professionals.However, sometimes there are such that there is either a hybrid Merchandiser point or landline and mobile.Versatile enough to work hard, but some professionals say that personal monitoring increases efficiency.

Consumers, going to the supermarket to shop, may not notice the humble Merchandiser.But the result of his work greatly influenced the choice and number of products in the shopping cart.Therefore, coming into the store, do not forget that there is all prepared for the visitor to spend as much as possible.And behind this mysterious merchandisers.