How to make paper fighter: two ways

What boy does not like to play in the planes?Better yet, if the parents do not just connect to the game itself, but also help the child to make a toy.You need a little patience, simple materials and about half an hour of free time.So, how to make paper fighter?

What will it take for

It all depends on what technique will make future aircraft.If this fighter paper masters in the art of the ancient Japanese art of origami, it would take only a sheet of A4 paper, white or colored.You can also use crayons or markers to color.If you want to make a toy using a layout, you have to first draw it on a sheet and take the scissors and glue.

Origami Airplane: Start

Take the A4 sheet of paper and is positioned vertically on a flat surface.First of all, it will have to be folded in half to schedule a fold line in the middle.You can now deploy the back.Next step: the center of the folded upper corners, turns the tip.Lateral angles to bend again (by the way, an ordinary airplane is exactly the same).How to make paper fighter?We'll have to bend to the upper edge of myself down.At the same time it must be four centimeters below the opposite edges of the sheet.

aircraft origami: the continuation of

done all of the above, it is necessary to turn the resulting model is face down and then bend to the center of the leaf both upper corner, that is, to repeat all that has been done in the beginning.Now, the sheet is inverted again, and the bottom corner is bent so as only given angles already folded in the preceding stage of assembly.It remains only the left side to the right to get the model to roll in half, that is, along the body of the future airplane.If he does not bend easily, thus holding wrong on the wrong side.

Origami Airplane: shutdown

How to make paper fighter?Just add some little things.It remains to make wings.To this is taken and the bottom fold turned away from it in all directions three centimeters paper.This will be the wings.They should be positioned perpendicular to the body.Everything is now only for the beauty of the corners of the wings are folded up, so-called stabilizers origami.Paper Fighter done very simply and quickly.You can even take colored pencils or paints, paint markings, signs or paint the model in khaki.

Plane Pattern

And how to make paper fighter, if you want to use a different technique?After origami - amazing art, but using it to create a limited number of airplanes, and they are all, by and large, they are similar to each other.And if there is a desire to do something more complex, bright, large and similar to real fighting machines?In this case it is possible to resort to the classical assembly paper models.There will need: a simple paper, color, scissors, glue, cardboard for the base.For this paper is drawn model of the future system, carefully cut.We can not forget about the space folds and joints parts.Accuracy and precision in this case are the key to the future model of beauty.When everything is cut, there will be only glue the individual parts, leave to dry airplane.The final step - painting and making the plane of individuality.It may be a steel paint colors and Soviet stars on the wings or details specific to American fighters.It all depends on the imagination of the person who decided to create a plane of the paper.