What is our life - positive or negative?

Now, perhaps, few people remember such a knight of the Sorrowful Countenance - eccentric Prince Myshkin.Meanwhile, it is his authorship, though its author still Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky belong to such a catch phrase like "Beauty will save the world."

In the current reality, I have renamed this saying to another - "positive will save the world!".In addition, all the words, thanks to which it became known this maxim seem entirely appropriate in our time.That is only in relation to the positive.

Prince Myshkin, contrary to popular belief not talking about external beauty, and the internal.After Dostoevsky when he wrote these words, I was very far from aesthetic judgments and affected only the inner world of man, his spiritual beauty.

And what spiritual beauty can be without a positive outlook?And it is in our difficult times is very difficult to fully meet all those human qualities, which have been the subject of controversy Ippolit Terentyev and Prince Myshkin - goodness, kindness, humility, altruism.

And how can it be otherwise, we are all constantly exposed to the influence of negative news from the media.You read news sites and see that most of the news describe the war and disasters, accidents and epidemics, violence and lawlessness.And it always falls into the so-called TOP.Very rarely, there you will see at least one positive news, or even mention of it on the site.That comes in the mind the human crisis and negative.

If you look at "Wikipedia" and there "positive" is a collective image of the phrase "positive emotions" and is a common inverted negative way.Therefore, in a society it is essential to find the sources of positive to write a more positive emotions, thus inverting all that negativity that flows from all the information spaces.

noticed that not in vain in our two-thirds of television serials and films about crime and war?And they all have high ratings.And all this because the news every day brainwash us with scandals and crime, war and violence, so that even the most good, and the good news simply can not get to the screen due to their low ratings.

All twenty-five years after the collapse of the USSR implanted in the society culture of violence, which began with the American fighters, continued criminal showdowns, even more riddled with the Chechen war and gradually supplanted all good and spiritual topics in the background.And now all the positive programs that are at least sometimes, but go on TV, can be found only not in the "prime time" when they do not see the bulk of society.

Therefore, to man himself feel more healthy, it needs to look and read more good and positive news that will send it to the other side of the world.In addition, scientists have long found a fact that negative thoughts constrict our thinking and have a negative impact on the brain - and, therefore, all state of the organism as a whole.Therefore, it is imperative for anyone to allocate at least an hour a day for positive emotions and positive emotions.Play with your child or pet, to be close to a loved one, read a good book or just do what he likes, hobbies.

But what to do to someone who lives alone - come to terms with a difficult load?And then there is a way.To do this, he should learn how to positively perceive the world, and through visualization and affirmations to improve their spiritual condition.

In the first case you should look for more positive visual images look even in difficult situations, good piece.We took to the streets to see our broken roads and sidewalks, and immediately began to build up anger toward public utilities, but saw the kitten close to home, and that anger can be replaced with mercy.So even an ordinary ray of light after the rain that will peek out from the leaves can give a little bit of heat.

In the second case it is necessary every day to send yourself mentally positive.After all, not for nothing that even in ancient times, scientists have proved that thoughts are material.And it affiramtsii are the most effective tool in our time for conversion itself.For example, to program yourself for success with the words "I attract good luck," "I am an optimist," the health - "I am healthy", "I am energetic and fun," for love - "I love and love", "I created to love" andetc.And such a simple way, you can quickly achieve success in the field of positive knowledge.

And do not forget to read positive news, imbued with positive thinking, and most importantly - force yourself to smile!