Flood, and what we know about him

so-called world or the great flood is a colossal disaster.This event is described in many religions, legends and myths.The essence of the disaster happened is that the whole earth was flooded with water and all life on it were killed.

We can learn that tells the story of this event as the Flood, the Bible.Perhaps it is this source is by far the most affordable for a wide learning.In the Bible, in the sixth chapter of Genesis says that Earth at the time was filled with violence.Literally, it is written that it was corrupt before God.

Thus the creator of the sky from the ground made the decision about the extermination of all life.It is not just about people, but also animals and birds.However, some people in those days stood out from all others in that he lived righteously.It is for this reason God decided to save the lives of him and his family.This man was Noah.Before you bring to earth the Flood, God commanded Noah to build an ark.This is a huge building, which in addition to Noah's family have been together for animals.

all living beings need to be collected on a pair.The Bible says that God made a covenant with Noah.Once intended to rescue people and other living beings were out of danger, the Deluge.It lasted a disaster for 40 days, and the same number of nights.At the same time, it seems that the water flowed not only from heaven but from the earth.

Where it is known?From the Bible.In the seventh chapter of the first biblical book called Genesis tells that after rescued entered into the ark, all the fountains of the great abyss opened wide, and the windows of heaven were opened.It turns out that the water was flowing not only from the windows of heaven, but from some abyss.

ethnology are hundreds of legends that tell about the Flood.With regard to modern Christianity, the ark in which the great catastrophe of the chosen souls are saved, is nothing but a symbol of the savior of the world, Jesus Christ.In the New Testament, the Gospel records the words of Christ, who says that the earth will be saved only those who come to Him and believe in Him.Moreover, he also says that whoever believes in him will be in him.

Historians found that the myth of the flood is also reflected in the more ancient sources than the Bible.This legend is found in the recorded on clay tablets Assyrian legend, kept in the library of the Assyrian king named Ashurbanipal.Age is dated tablets VII century BC.There is a Sumerian myth, mentioning the deluge.It's part of the notorious Epic of Gilgamesh.

is noteworthy that in the beginning of 90s of the last century was found during excavations of the ancient Sumerian city of Ur.The excavations have allowed archaeologists to make the assumption that in the city there are signs found in the Bible and myths of disaster called the Flood.In particular it could determine from the available here by river sediments.

Subsequently, these excavations took place in Mesopotamia, were found and other cities that are experiencing the same river bed.It is believed that the Sumerian legend of the flood has six thousand years.We describe here all the same as in the Bible, until released a dove, which returned, but the next dove did not return, and found land.The difference is that in the Sumerian tradition for the second time was released swallow.

Regarding the scientific point of view about this global catastrophe, the radical opinions are divided.Some scientists convincingly prove that Flood - it's just a myth.Other evidence of the cause of this phenomenon on the ground.The author saw the movie, created by the Institute of Moody's, which provides evidence of the flood.I seemed convincing arguments, and I believe the Bible, but let everyone decides how and what to believe him.