The secret of the beauty of face: What to do with "crow's feet"?

They appear first of all signs of skin aging.And how would recall: "You're starting to get old, my dear."And no matter what you yet 30, they always add you age.

unlikely that someone can calm the view that men are not supposed to notice fine wrinkles at the corners of our eyes.We have something they can see!And constantly frustrated.And when you consider how many times a day we look in the mirror (British women, for example, do it 71 times a day), it turns out some non-stop and total disorder.Is it possible this is something to do?

There are different ways to improve the condition of the skin around the eyes and reduce (or prevent) the "crow's feet".And the most effective - in front of you.

1. Moisturize

well hydrated especially in the skin, where wrinkles start to form early.Very dry and dehydrated quickly becomes wrinkled.To avoid dehydration, you should moisturize the skin inside and out.For this purpose, firstly, enough water to drink, especially in dry seasons.Secondly, use a moisturizer for the delicate skin around the eyes.One of the most effective compounds - with hyaluronic acid, a cream will retain moisture on the skin surface.A moisturized skin - a straightening and plump, due to this small "feet" disappear.

2. Protect

the winter is difficult to talk about the dangers of the sun, because it is so small and it would be desirable to have more clear, sunny days.But when we talk about the skin around the eyes, do not underestimate the threat posed by ultraviolet rays.Skin around the eyes the first to suffer from the ravages of the sun, because they have thinner skin than anywhere else.Sunlight suppresses the production of collagen, especially in areas of the skin where it is in limited supply.As a result, we have the reaction of the skin, which is poetically called "crow's feet", but in fact, it's fine lines at the corners of your eyes.That's why a good cream for the skin around the eyes with a strong sunscreen SPF 30 (or more) is needed.

3. Change habits

If you schurites to see better, the "crow's feet" will have deeper, and there will be faster.Agree, better to buy glasses or contact lenses.But the girls with perfect vision, too, sometimes squinting, without even noticing it.From sunlight, bad emotions and experiences, stress.Try to watch them, and learn how often you frown and schurites.And a good motivation to work on ourselves can serve as the care of their own beauty.You will certainly manage.A squinting from the sun can be avoided if you buy quality sunglasses (blocking harmful UVA-rays).

Watch also is at work at the computer.If you have to squint, then you have too much brightness of the monitor, and the glare from him make squint.This is easily avoided if you adjust the brightness of the monitor.

4. Caring

Even if you wear sunglasses, drink plenty of water, use a cream with SPF, - this is not a 100 percent guarantee that the "crow's feet" wait.Unfortunately, the skin there are other enemies, destroying it.Such as cigarette smoke, pollution, temperature, wind and frost.Minimize all this negativity help antioxidants that block the action of free radicals.Antioxidants are in caring means, the composition of which is enriched with grape seed extract, green tea, vitamin C, vitamin A, soy coffee or fruits.One of these components must be necessarily included in the list of ingredients of your funds for the skin around the eyes: a day cream, night or serum.

Another welcome extra skin around the eyes - masks made from natural ingredients.By the composition of masks should be approached demanding, because not all the ingredients of a beneficial effect on sensitive and delicate skin.Suitable low-fat foods and acidic, aqueous extracts, compositions without odor and color.

You can also try the famous Hollywood recipe for a simple mask of crow's feet.It has only one ingredient - an egg white.Beat the protein in the resulting foam moisten a cotton swab and treat the skin around the eyes.Be part of 15 minutes, and then rinse with water.Wrinkles violence, the most subtle and completely disappear.

5. professionals trust

Botox injections are the best way to stop the formation of clinical "crow's feet", as well as to reduce existing ones.Botox paralyzes the muscles around the eyes - so the skin is no longer declining, and does not move, and new wrinkles are formed.

Another reason to go to a clinic or beauty salon - try laser technology.Exposure to the laser beam on the skin around the eyes stimulates the production of new elastin in the skin, which fill wrinkles and folds around the eyes, as well as collagen, reducing the overall elasticity of the skin.

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