Prayer to pass the exam with flying colors

When the session ahead, the world turns.It seems that nothing is able to help survive the "terrible time of testing."That many have experienced the hard way.Rare geniuses who have no test anxiety and surveys.For ordinary people often that prospect terrifies.That's why many need prayer to take the exam.It is not a substitute for the knowledge and the means of suggestion confidence.Let's discuss how to use it to shorten the path to success.

about the importance of the approach

You know, when people say that there is a prayer to take the exam, each participant in the head there is a private association.Some think of the temple, the other - about the magic, others remember the new trends in the self-programming.That is, the working methods of the state of the mind set.Either of them is designated as an instrument of prayer.To pass the exam, of course, you must have the knowledge, but not only.This attempt to show those who explains how to work on yourself.Although most people think prayer is almost a magic wand.They subconsciously believe in its power.Here it also works in any manner.It is important that the personality of the basis of his world had faith.And the rest - just a form, which allows to influence consciousness.Perhaps the best experts explain.But it is advisable to understand that there is no fundamental confrontation between the described methods of work on oneself.Uttered a prayer to take the exam, it is an extraordinary help in times of difficulty.And it is necessary to choose an alliance with the subconscious, based on trust, which can not be explained by logic.Relief - that's the feeling that we should focus on when thinking whether prayer helps to pass the exam.

Christian approach

finished with the theory.Although not do without it.After all, you and I need a result, and without the right approach will only be disappointed.Now let's talk about the practice.First of all, prayer is associated with religion.Therefore, it is quite reasonable to tell you what is recommended in this case clerics.It is believed that the patroness of people seeking for knowledge is the Holy Mother of God.There is even a special text.It is called "The addition of the mind."Note that you must memorize a prayer.

she read in front of the room where the test will take place.Uttered a prayer, it is good to take the exam, it can be addressed to Saint Sergius of Radonezh.It is said that as a child he lagged behind their peers in the knowledge of the intricacies of writing and reading.But fervent prayer helped him cope with the difficulties.Who else pay their requests for help, but to someone who they knew from their own experience?

prayer, it is good to take the exam

Many people have difficulty with the preparation of the treatment.There is some confusion, because prayer is rarely someone taught from childhood.Therefore it is recommended to learn the text, available in a special collection.If the moments of excitement, he flew out of my head, you should calm down, concentrate and read the "Our Father."And best to formulate the request in your own words.Here's an example: "St. Sergius of Radonezh!I ask you to help the servant of our Lord Jesus Christ (his name) in the successful completion of the test.I humbly accept any evaluation of my knowledge, delivered by experienced teachers.Help me to fully apply all the knowledge and skills during the exam!Amen! "You know, prayer, helping pass the exams, it is not patter and not a conspiracy.It is a conversation frightened disciple with his spiritual mentor, the symbol of supreme confidence.Therefore, good help is sincere, heart-won words.

For parents

Not only pupils and students worry about their results.Their ancestors are also worried.Helping at the time tests are, of course, can not.But ask the saints for protection not only can, but should.This will calm them and cheer offspring.There is a special prayer that the child is well passed the exam.Speak it is desirable in the church.If this is not possible, for objective reasons, the front of the icon.But better to go to the temple.They put a candle before an icon of the Virgin.Read every "Our Father."Then, just say, "Holy Mother of God, who loved the earthly world, to care for and protect him from evil!Pomozov Lord's servant (name) in the writings of the righteous!Ukroy his cover of its rigor and wrath of teachers!Clarity of mind and instill confidence in the knowledge acquired works!Let them be easily passed the test, of which there are many to be in life!To the glory of our Lord!Amen. "Of course, parents need not only to prayer.To a child a good exam, it is sometimes a good idea to control, to instill zeal and love of work.You should not rely only only on the help of the Lord, and you need to perform their duty.

for future drivers

Not only pupils and students were shaking before the upcoming tests.Sometimes people who have left far in the past period of obtaining general knowledge, fall into such a situation.For example, those who want to get behind the wheel.They also help to prayer.To pass the driving test, it is recommended the day before to go to the temple.They look for the icon of Saint Nicholas.Light the candle and, holding it in his hands, turned to the saint.The words are: "Saint Nicholas, performed miracles in the name of the Lord!Lighten my way to the driving test!Be with me during the test, instilling confidence, self-control, a bright mind and patience!Amen! "In addition, we still have two candles to light and place.One - for the health of their own, the second - the examiner.Ask the Lord for all the benefits to the person who will assess your knowledge and skills.


Now let's talk about other methods of working with the subconscious.Not everyone believes in God.There are people who need something else to deal with their problems.Students, for example, offered the following prayer.To pass the exam at the school, you take a book on the subject and put it under his pillow.Before going to bed, when no one you will not be disturbed and to disturb, say these words: "Higher Power!I am addressing you!The next day need your support!Mind clarify, infuse faith!Take strict teacher look!Let asks only that I know my answers favorably received!Amen! "These words need to speak in a whisper, or a voice three times.After go to sleep, with no one talking and not being distracted by the Internet or television.You may prividitsya the questions that the teacher asks.Be sure to update their knowledge on these topics in the morning.

For those who need only "excellent»

Do you believe in miracles?No?And for good reason.They happen, but not all.Miracle - a special gift.It is produced only by people with enough soul in utter devotion and natural trust in the higher power (whatever they are called).Many people wonder whether there is a prayer to take the exam with flying colors.Believe me, any.A better check themselves in practice.Sometimes it works for Losers and lazy.This is a miracle.Her words are simple: "The spirit of the great and mighty!Come (to name a date and place)!Gave me, and pass the test!I allow you to own my brain and body at the time of the exam!Show their universal power!Demonstrate mortal greatness of eternal wisdom!Amen! "Read before going to bed, as in the previous case.But the secret of her work is in everyone's heart.Who will be able to believe that "excellent" is provided.

In emergency situations

no secret that teaching the subject, few desires.And to take the exams for nearly everyone.What to do when you know for sure that you know nothing?To do this, come up with their methods.For example, the prayer will take the exam (strong), which is read at a time when reaching the ticket.That has come to the table - and start.A final word should sound when touched paper.These are the words you say, "God Almighty!You commanded the Sun and Earth.The whole world is captivated by your kindness!Give me good luck and happiness!Amen! "The last word pull the ticket!Well, if that prayer does not help, you know, damage or the evil eye on you!

If you do not believe in prayer

Finally give ritual for subjects unrelated to religion and the special text.Everybody knows that before the exam can not cram all night.Give yourself time to rest and relaxation.A knowledge to fit into the active head, perform a ritual.Take your notes, books, records, and all that is connected with the subject, build one "triumphal arch".Find sounds victorious march.Imagine that the exam is over, in the hands of your desired result.Feel the taste of victory!Only then turn on the music, enter the arch, shouting three times, "Hurrah!" And now go to sleep peacefully.The exam will take place as you imagine still can not.Good luck!