Bank "Come": reviews, address and credit

If you have made a responsible decision, wanted to get a bank loan, and at the same time select a specific financial institution, first spend a small audit of its work.In particular, it is recommended not only to study the banking products of the organization, but also carefully read the user reviews.Today we will discuss the bank, "Come!" What kind of credit institution?What people are saying about it?

Background on Bank

«Come on!» - This is a commercial institution with a large branch network in Moscow and the regions.Included in the financial group "Life", therefore, it is directly subordinate to the head of the "Probusinessbank."If we talk about the history of the origin of the bank, it is worth pointing out that the organization was established in Novosibirsk in 1993.Moreover, its present name is slightly different from the original.Previously, the financial institution was called the "Gals-Bank".

A few years later, the bank changed owners who are happy to rename the organization.She was named "Investment City Bank" or, in abbreviated form, "GBI".At the time, get a bank loan, "Come!" Can only representatives of businesses and business owners.

That changed in early 2006 when the management of the credit institution suddenly realized that he was losing potential customers from the retail segment.At the same time, the bank increased its number of financial products that have been designed with features and corporate and retail clients, as well as individuals.

In early 2009, the winds of change blew back toward the bank.This time, the representatives of the credit institution bought "Probusinessbank" and founders of the "National Savings Bank".It is because of the change of owners financial institution became part of the "Life" and moved its head office in the Russian capital.But exactly one year later the company received credit already familiar name - the bank, "Come!".After a series of re-branding and other marketing changes in the credit institution has received quite a popular brand today - Bureau of financial decisions, "Let's go!»

Bank today: what has changed?

At the moment, "Come!" Is very popular among Muscovites and among the inhabitants of other regions.In addition to the Moscow branch of the territory of the Russian Federation work at the Bureau has 163 credit-cash branches located in more than 30 cities of Russia.They have their own network of ATMs and other devices with remote access.Today, the firm's clients are about 500 000 private individuals.And the number of those wishing to grow.Here's a he, a bank, "Come!" Addresses of offices that are currently running in the Russian Federation, we indicate below.

Where are the department of "Let's go!»

Headquartered in Moscow Street Viena, d. 6-A.In order to determine the address of the nearest branch of Office, you must enter the official website of commercial credit organization, go to the tab "Contact" and then choose from the pop-pop-up window "Find the nearest desk."For a more precise definition of the desired object must specify your city, state and region.

Suppose your city and region - St Petersburg, and the area - Central.In this case, after the search, you can see the address of your nearest office.In this example, the office is not far from Chernyshevskaya metro station, on the street uprisings, 49. Here you can find the nearest ATM desk around the clock self-service zone, currency exchange, cash and postomat.

If you do not have access to the Internet addresses of branches and other services can be found by calling the bank "Come on!" Telephone office (working hours): 8-800-200-1230.

What are the public services offered by the bank?

Bank "Come on!" Provides diversified financial services, among which stands out loans to business and retail clients.The action program for short-term loans "to paycheck," available unsecured loans for urgent needs, actively developing microfinance.

addition to loans, the financial institution offers a wide range of deposits, perform quick online cash transfers, makes payments in the "Golden Crown".

Under what conditions can arrange a loan?

Bank "Come on!" Offers three loan products, which are designed as both new and regular customers of the organization.For example, if you are applying for the first time in the bank, you are likely to offer a mini-credit program.This means that, depending on the level of your annual income, the amount of the loan will not exceed 30 000 rubles.The minimum amount of the loan will be equal to 1 000.The terms of the loan will range from 30 days to one year.

second option credit program has a funny name - "step".As part of this product can take a loan in the amount of 30 000 or 250 000.Credit period in this case will be proportionately increased up to 72 months.The main highlight of "steps" is the presence of a falling rate is directly dependent on the length of the loan and the loan amount.This means that if you decide to arrange a loan in the range of 30 000 - 99 999 99 rubles, the amount of your bet will be 65%.If the amount of the loan will be equal to 100 000 - 250 000 rubles, the rate will be reduced to 52%.

If you have already managed to establish itself as a positive client (incidentally, the program also allows you to lend and retirees), then you will be the third product - "For repeat customers", with special credit conditions.In this program, the conditions of the bank, "Come!" Will depend on "the purity of credit history" of the borrower, the timing and amount of credit.The client organizations seeking re can get a loan in the range of 30 000 - 250 000 rubles for the period up to 72 months.And if the amount of the loan will be up to 99 999, 99 rubles, the size of the bet amount - 63%.If more than - 50%.

Who can take credits in the bank, "Come!"?

potential bank customers can become citizens of the Russian Federation to the registration of at least six months between the ages of 22 and 70 years.Borrowers may also be persons whose total length of service of not less than one year, and the experience at the current place of work - not less than three months.

How to make a loan

get a loan at the bank, "Come!" Is possible in the presence of three documents: a passport, a second identity document and application-declaration.Apply for a quick and short-term loan can be in the online mode.Term of consideration of your treatment will only take three days.

Bank "Let's go!": Reviews

So, suppose you decide to apply to this credit institution.But first you need to carefully examine the actual customer reviews of the organization.For example, some users claimed that previously applied to various banks, but that they liked the service, and speed decision making.

Others argue that the bank has its pros and cons.So, according to them, is not happy when applying excessively high interest rates.Conversely, the happy opportunity to take out a loan without lengthy paperwork.

tell others that when a loan they wrongly imposed on insurance.Because of this, the estimated amount of 25 000 rubles increased by exactly 5000 rubles.Fourthly not satisfied employees of the organization, which, according to them, have behaved improperly towards them.

Fifth, on the contrary, like the efficiency of operators and cashiers, as well as quick response call center employees.

word before contacting the bank, look reviews, learn loan programs and act as you see fit.