Power gastric ulcer during the exacerbation.

Power gastric ulcer during the exacerbation should be sparing as much as possible.The fact is that the spicy, fatty or fried capable of just a few tens of minutes to neutralize all that positive effect, which has been obtained on the purpose of even the most modern drugs.

Power gastric ulcer: what is there not?

First of all you need to abandon all critical products.No pepper or spices.All this will cause an instant reaction from the gastrointestinal tract.Power gastric ulcer during the exacerbation should contain as little salt.The fact that even this simple seasoning in large quantities can cause a lot of discomfort in a person with gastric ulcer.Daily menu should not contain acidic products.Those apples are able to degrade the life of a person with an ulcer, not only during the exacerbation, but even with remission.And there is no need to divide the fruit in the acidic and sour varieties.They all contain malic acid.

Power gastric ulcer during the exacerbation should not be too heavy.The fact that the organism to digest these products have to spend a lot of time and effort.To him they no longer need to activate the regeneration processes in the field of education ulcerative changes.It is worth noting that the food at a stomach ulcer is not recommended strongly to fill different kinds of oils.

How often should I eat?

Power gastric ulcer during the exacerbation approached its parameters to the ideal, that is, to that which is recommended to follow anyone in everyday life.Unfortunately, few people are so worried about their health, to significantly limit their consumption of delicious foods, even if not the most useful.Furthermore, rarely observed frequency of meals.

becomes especially significant in today's society, because every representative of the majority of his time performing some specific duties.Their implementation often runs counter to the proper frequency of food intake.Currently, a registered dietitian is highly recommended to eat about 5-6 times a day.At the same time between meals should take place at least 2-3 hours.In this case, the stomach is not metered supply is severely affected own hydrochloric acid.

About the size of servings

natural that frequent consumption of too much food will cause a person to gastric ulcers, especially in the period of aggravation, a lot of discomfort.The fact that the fullness impairs its blood supply.Currently, the size of meals with a stomach ulcer is considered the best in the event that it does not exceed the amount of the fist of the person who is going to have.There are, of course, and more accurate and modern system to determine the required size of the portions, but this method is much easier and faster, and therefore is used often enough.

even less seasoning!

It is worth noting that people with gastric ulcer without dieting will not be able to avoid periodic exacerbations.Whatever they may have taken drugs, it is a pain in the stomach will bother.The daily menu should include those dishes that will not exacerbate gastric ulcers.First of all it is necessary to limit the amount of added food seasonings.For the most part we are talking about pepper.That it significantly increases the risk of acute gastric ulcers.Naturally, any exotic spices, especially sharp, will cause the most discomfort.

Sol also harmful

Salted products are less affected by the state of the gastric mucosa, but they can exacerbate ulcers.Thus in comparison with other irritant salt causes considerably less discomfort.This seasoning is also quite harmful, but the aggravation of gastric ulcers is only in those cases when it is in a dish in large quantities.

Leading nutritionists suggest limiting salt in the diet of a person with three grams per day.The fact that a large amount of the seasoning starts to cause fluid retention.This could lead to serious problems with the cardiovascular system.In addition, the more seasoning in the dish, the greater the amount a person can eat.

What foods are preferred?

should be noted that there are those dishes which technique is preferred in the presence of gastric ulcers.One is a fermented milk product such as yogurt.Its use is enveloping effect.In addition, yogurt helps reduce gastric acidity.Thereby the reception of this product significantly decreases the adverse effects on the gastric mucosa from its own aggressive factors of the human body.

many tips to eat honey with a stomach ulcer.Allegedly, he also has a shielding effect and includes in its membership nearly all the body needs vitamins and minerals.In fact, this product for diseases of the digestive system can not be called useful.This is due to just the large number of different elements in its structure.The fact that at a time when the digestive system is weakened, and so, to engage in simultaneous processing of a huge number of different substances it is problematic.

Nutritionists advise to use a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables.In this preferred are those which do not contain large amounts of acid and fructose.The fact that the plants are able to enhance the acidic negative impact on the gastric mucosa, and various sugars promote growth of pathogenic bacteria.At the same pathogens increasingly impede the normal regeneration of already damaged tissue, rather than have a direct damaging effect.

diet at an exacerbation of gastric ulcers should not be rich in a lot of meat.Almost in all inflammatory diseases of the digestive system is recommended to give up this product, especially fatty varieties of it.Preference should be given to chicken breast.Thus it should be either boiled or steamed.

Who will help make a diet?

Power gastric ulcer during the exacerbation should be made by a professional.Certain tips on what, how and when to eat, therapists are able to give.For more information on how to be on the menu every day in this disease, doctors can provide gastroenterologists.

If a person has decided to approach the compilation of your diet most seriously, he should consult a dietitian.These specialists are able to create the most proper menu, not only on the effects on the gastrointestinal mucosa, but also on the content of calories, which is also important.At the same time they can provide interesting recipes for gastric.So, they make the power of their patients not only correct, but also delicious.

What should be estimated on the menu every day with a stomach ulcer?

person who is suffering from gastric ulcer, waking up, you can drink a glass of kefir.Approximately 8-9 hours in the morning he should have breakfast.This meal should be about 30% of the daily energy intake person.

about 12 days need to make a snack.A good choice at this time would be a glass of fruit juice and vegetables.Dine recommended 14-15 hours.This meal should be the main - should consume about 40% of daily energy intake.It is desirable that the dinner was liquid and warm.Too hot dish may also aggravate ulcers.

next meal to be held in 16-17 hours.At this time you can drink kefir and eat a pear or grated carrots.Supper must be 6-7 pm.This meal should be light enough and makes about 10% of the total daily energy intake.There would be an excellent choice of salad vegetables, seasoned with the usual sunflower, and better - olive oil.

Around 20:00 drink a glass of kefir.It is important not to go to sleep for 2 hours after a meal.Otherwise, a person at night can cause heartburn.

Naturally, all the dishes, regardless of when they are to be consumed must not be prepared by cooking, smoking or salting.All sorts of sauces and pickles should also not be used for human consumption with a stomach ulcer.

of sweet

Such products should be used at an ulcer in a very small amount.The fact that readily assimilable carbon is an ideal food for various kinds of pathogenic microorganisms inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract.Moreover, with ulcers sugary foods can cause heartburn and belching.


These products for gastric undesirable for the reason that they are often prepared using different kinds of annoying nutrients.Here we are talking about acetic acid, as well as a variety of condiments, such as black pepper.It should be noted that the same acetic acid is harmful not only to the stomach and to the colon.Chronic use marinade can even lead to the formation of malignant tumors, especially in the intestine observed stagnation.


Diet for gastritis, gastric ulcer and esophagitis and colitis calls to exclude from the diet of a person many drinks.The fact that they are able to provoke an aggravation of these diseases.This primarily talking about alcohol, as well as carbonated beverages.Thus even a small bottle of beer foam is able to strong enough to weaken the protective properties of the gastric mucosa.Also, it is not necessary for people with ulcer and inflammation of the digestive system to use natural juices.

When should be the most careful?

most often the exacerbation of gastric ulcers and gastritis occurs in the fall and spring.It was at this time, it should not be too careful in terms of nutrition.Recipes for gastric spring and autumn should choose the most forgiving.It should be noted that in these periods, also weakened the protective properties of the gastric mucosa.So people with constant exacerbations of peptic ulcer disease can be at this time to take antacids prophylactic naturally in small amounts.

What garnish prefer?

most rational choice is boiled buckwheat or barley porridge.Another good option is rice, steamed.It is not necessary to give preference to potatoes.This applies in particular to the fried version of it.Even boiled potatoes is a rather heavy food that is an exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease would be useful not.

Unfortunately, not stew too, is a good food for the people in the active phase of the disease.Not suitable for them, and fruit salad.This is due to the high content of vegetable products such acids.An excellent option would be a vegetable salad, dressed with olive or sunflower oil.

What an exacerbation of gastric ulcers in the first place?

In that case, if there has been a relaxation of the diet, and it led to an aggravation of a stomach ulcer, it is advisable to go directly to your GP, therapist.He will be able to give all the necessary recommendations.The most common treatment for this disease used antacids, coating agents, and proton pump blockers.These drugs help get rid of pain in the epigastric region.This in no case can not continue to allow relaxations in the diet.The fact is that without its compliance with any, even the most high-quality drugs do not help.

At an exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease is very important to promptly pass a special study of the digestive system - esophagogastroduodenoscopy.This diagnostic technique allows visualization of the gastric mucosa.The most important point is the possibility of taking a modified portion of tissue for further pathological examination.If the aggravation of ulcer accompanied by bleeding, it is possible to perform the process of EFGDS temporary stop bleeding.