Artur Sarkisov - the main scorer of Armenia

Arthur S. Sarkisov - it is an Armenian football player who currently holds the position of attacking football club in Nizhny Novgorod "Volga", and also a member of the national team of Armenia.

childhood, youth and early career athlete

In 12 years, Arthur Sarkisov started playing football.Many believe that engage in this sport you need a very early age, if you want to achieve great success.But this is a misconception.And Artur Sarkisov - a clear example of the fact that if you want, you can do football and adolescence.Trainings were conducted in a football school called "Strogino".Once in the friendly match, which took place with the "Reutov" athlete managed to chalk up the score a hat-trick.After that, the leaders of the Moscow Region club footballer made lucrative offer to sign a contract.And he, of course, agreed.The first season was remembered for a long time.At the professional level football held 29 meetings, which scored three goals.For a long time, Arthur Sarkisov played for this team.But in 2008, the year for "Reutov" any major problems with the financing, which is why it was disbanded.Then Artur Sarkisov transferred to another team - "Lokomotiv-2."In two seasons, he was the top scorer of the team.Not only that - at the end of 2010, professional football league named him the best hitter zone "West".Football became the best scorer of her, sending the opponent's goal 21 ball.

Football growth

great game striker in the "Locomotive-2" has not gone unnoticed.In the sporty flair players turned their attention to the leaders of the first team.In 2010, the year, on December 9, the athlete has signed with the "locomotive" contract.It was not a long-term - and a half years.And under the new head coach of the football club, which is Yuri Krasnozhan (who is also the head coach of the football team of Kazakhstan), Artur Sarkisov spent only one fee.He was held in Turkey.But in March, the footballer has extended his contract to three years, after which the well was leased to the club "Shinnik".His first match, held in the same team of Yaroslavl, he played with "Khimki" on April 4.Then he replaced the Eldar Nizamutdinova in the 64th minute.And on April 25, he opened his bombardirsky account.It happened in a match conducted with "Alan".Artur Sarkisov, a football player with the last significant enough at the time, on the 48th minute played a ball for his team.Through this meeting ended with the score 2: 2.Footballer perfectly proved itself at the end of the season was the second scorer of the club "Shinnik".In 2012, the year, on July 23, Artur Sarkisov on all loan began to play for the Nizhny Novgorod "Volga", which chose the 14th number.In 2013 th, on June 18, has signed a three-year contract with the "Ural" - Yekaterinburg team.Just recently, on 11 February 2014, he returned to the "Volga".

Armenian team

In 2011, the year, on July 27, Arthur called for the collection, which was held the national team of Armenia.This was to prepare for the friendly match, which was supposed to go to Lithuania.Two weeks later, on August 10, Arthur made his debut match, coming into the starting lineup of the Armenian team.But in the 58th minute he was replaced by Yura Movsisyan.September 6 in a game for the national team Arthur scored his first goal.It happened during a match against Slovakia.It should, incidentally, be noted that this was a significant meeting.Armenians proved to be well on the road and won at home in Slovakia, scoring four goals in the opponents' goal-owners!And in 2012, the year, the 7th of September in the away match held against Malta, Sarkisov sent to the opponent's goal is the only goal (70 th minute).That goal opened the score not only the team but the match as a whole, because the way he ended - 1: 0 in favor of the Armenian team.It is worth noting an interesting fact, which became known in February: Armenian team went up to the thirtieth, a record in the FIFA ranking matches and without a coach.

Return to the "Volga"

Footballer claims that he received various offers from other clubs, but on what exactly he is silent.The choice was made in favor of "Volga", despite the fact that the invitations received from other countries.Arthur wanted to stay in Russia.Regarding the changes that had happened in the club, the footballer said that the new players have come."At this point absolutely clear on what the rate is and what goes team football coaches profess headquarters" - such conclusions made striker.Today, football expects a lot from the upcoming matches and the game in general.For the "Volga" in 2014, the year of Arthur has managed to score two goals.

Interesting facts

It should be noted that in Russia there are a few football player almost complete namesakes and namesakes.For example, Arthur Sarkisov Yu, PhD.And there is a full namesake, who is quite famous in Russia in the field of gynecology physician.