Notice of the opening of a current account

you decided to open a business and acquire the status of SP.Becoming the owner of the certificate of state registration, you become a full-fledged businessman.However, in order to carry out financial transactions, you as an individual entrepreneur is desirable to open the p / account.This can be done at any bank.Although the existence of such an account for an individual entrepreneur is not necessary.The legislation in force him to do so does not oblige.In addition, none of the normative document does not oblige the entrepreneur to make their payments is to p / account.Therefore, his discovery, rather, right, than to charge for SP.Yet the availability of its p / account for the entrepreneur is necessary for the full implementation of the trade activity.By law, after signing the contract with the bank operator is required to make notification of the opening of a current account.

whom he shall notify, in which mandatory?Of course, it is necessary for the state authorities, for whom IP is of interest as a taxpayer.These are one of the extra-budgetary funds (FSS and the RPF) and the tax authorities.

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So, during the week an individual entrepreneur, opening the p / account in any bank must provide notice of the opening of the current account to the tax authority where it is registered.The same action should be taken when you close the account.In addition, if the owner has another bank account (debit card), which can be credited, and money spend it, informing the tax authorities about it it is also mandatory.

notification shall be in the form of messages that the current account is opened (closed) in the prescribed form, which has been approved by the tax legislation.

In the event that an individual entrepreneur is registered in the FSS, then a notice of the opening of a current account FSS is also considered essential, and it must be given within seven days of the approved form.

Thus, starting in 2010, each registered individual entrepreneur who for the conduct of its activities started w / bank account, is obliged to notify not only the tax office, but also non-budgetary funds.But if the FSS has officially approved form of notification, the FIU does not have a form.Therefore, a message on the opening of a current account at FIU can be submitted either by a form that is accepted by the tax office or fill in a form to be issued by the local branch of the RPF.

However, in order to further control the bank where the SP starts p / expense, shall, within five days to notify the tax authorities and local branches of the FSS and the RPF on opening (closing) of this bill.

Those entrepreneurs who violate the terms established by law to provide information about the opening or closing P / accounts will be called to account.In the event that notice of the opening of a current account for the tax office is not submitted in time entrepreneur, he collected a fine (5,000 rubles), in accordance with the tax laws.Overdue provide this information to non-budgetary funds are also fraught with administrative fine (from 1000 to 2000 rubles).

word as soon as you as an individual entrepreneur opened an account, do not delay the provision of this information, in violation of the law.To avoid a penalty, give notice of the opening of the current account, wherever it is required.

So, you need to send a message?

form of communication should be provided in duplicate and a copy of the certificate issued by the bank on the opening or closing P / account.Information may be provided in person by an individual entrepreneur, and his representative, acting on powers of attorney, and can also be sent by post as a registered letter.