Stamping grapes - a way to clusters of juicy and strong shoots

middle of summer - the time of "change fate" for grapes.His irrigation limit and deprived of nitrogen fertilizers, replacing them with potash and phosphate.About a month grower looks to determine whether it refocus the bush to ensure that it ripened berries and shoots.If not, and the tops of the shoots straightened, indicating a slowing of growth in August it plans to responsible operation called "chasing the grape."Actually, when it comes to central Russia, it is held in the third or fourth week of August, and if on the Russian south - at the beginning of September.When minting
removed the top of the green shoots of grapes, which grow 5-8 leaves undeveloped.At this point the tip of the integral parts of the plant turns into a real parasite, as nutrients consumed more than it produces.After chasing the plant they are redirected to a bunch of grapes and interstices - berries ripen better and healthy shoots grow.And it is the top of the vine in August, often densely amazed mildew, so chasing the green shoots of grapes - it is also improving the operation: fewer sick leaves, the worse the conditions for the development of the disease.

should be noted that although in some cases grapes can produce fruit without great coinage, irrigated vineyards hold it a must to achieve higher sugar content of berries and better ripening of annual shoots.Also increases their resistance to cold and productivity as a fully completed the development of fruit buds, and the bush as a whole has the necessary supply of nutrients.
Stamping must be differentiated depending on the grape varieties and their zoning.It is desirable for each class to determine which leaf area is best left to the mint.Although so it does not always and not everywhere.For example, famous for its vineyards Bulgaria, this operation is practiced in all grades and in almost all wine-growing areas.

Chiselled Grape involves removing only the "inhibitory" shoot apex.At the same time over the bunch should not be less than 10-12 leaves, otherwise it risks being left without sugar.For the same reason the coinage of low- and sredneroslye varieties should refuse to avoid depressing effect on plants.

And certainly should not mint bush in the midst of its growth in the hope of early throw all forces on the aging of the bunch.Instead of being kicked up strong young stepchildren as if the street is not July, and blissful days of May.The owner will be in place with sour crop and may lose the vine during the winter.Not much better belated chasing shoots of grapes, when a six-foot vines have already harvested.Like, no harm, but also use a zero.

But if strong-grade, it is worth trying a method such as multiple chasing grapes.The first time it is carried out before flowering, and on each shoot after it should not be less than 13 leaves.As the top two stepchildren kidneys grow by 5-6 cm, carried out a new coinage, but this time it should be higher than the previous 3-4 cm. Thus, during the growing season is typed 3-4 coinage.Their results should be the same as for a single and thus increases the yield of 25-30%.

Chiselled Grape yields waste, which are lush green mass.This is a very valuable animal feed, which can be used for silage.One hectare of vines can give several tons of green mass.