Countess Elizabeth Bathory: biography bloody lady, her story, photos

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passion for all sorts of "horror stories" from any person in the blood.We come up with horrific, blood-curdling stories, not even realizing that the reality is sometimes much worse than the most unbridled film about the bloody maniacs.An example of this is the life of Elizabeth Bathory.Her adventures are still able to cause a shiver even worldly-wise people.

Home horror

Transylvania, where was born the woman of old, had not too pleasant glory.Suffice it to recall the Count Tepes, better known to the world by the nickname Dracula.Elizabeth Bathory was itself a kind of "continuer of traditions" of the graph.And if recent notoriety is obviously overestimated, and he racked up mostly of Turks, which successfully fought the Countess scoff at people just for the sake of pleasure.And she did it so well that the story of Elizabeth Bathory is still evidence that the bloody maniacs were always in human society.

She was born in 1560, and her family was very noble and esteemed: among her relatives were many outstanding soldiers, priests, and teachers.So, her brother Stefan, first gained recognition as a brave and intelligent warrior, and then did become King of Poland.Well, every family has its black sheep ...

But historians and amateur genealogists believe that the story of Elizabeth Bathory was predetermined from the outset.

all is not well in the "Okay" family

Surely every person who more or less interested in the history, knows about appallingly high number of children who are noble families are the result of closely related marriages, and even direct incest.It is not surprising that the "young tribe" often has a complete "bouquet" of physical and mental illness.Uncle Elizabeth was known as an inveterate Warlock, becoming terrible experiments on humans, and his wife and all preferred communication with women, often mutilating them for their obvious sadistic.

Even the brother of Countess quickly drunk, but before had all the signs of moral degradation, engaging in promiscuous sexual relations with women, and the men did not hesitate.Generally, in the family ever had babies with dangerous mental disorders.


Sia share fully and got itself Elizabeth Bathory.Oddly, but in the background is clearly its existing deviations in the psyche she was very intelligent and quick-witted child.Against the background of even much more "pure" aristocratic families, she stood out sharp wit and erudition.Already in the 15 years young girl with ease talking is not immediately three foreign languages, whereas even the ruler of the country could hardly read by syllables.

Alas, this child from an early age brought up in an atmosphere of permissiveness with respect to the lower classes.As soon learned to speak it with sincere pleasure to beat their maids whip.Becoming a little older, Elizabeth Bathory often grind them to a pulp.The young sadist gave untold pleasure to watch as her victims from the wounds oozing blood.As soon learned to write, she immediately began to conduct a spooky diary where all the details painted the their "joy."This famous and Elizabeth (Elizabeth) Bathory, whose biography is replete with terrible and disgusting moments.


Initially, parents are somehow controlled monster minors, not allowing the Countess to go beyond certain limits.Anyway, people she did not maim and not kill.But in 1575 (when she was only 15 years old) girl married off to F. Nadasdy, who was also the continuation of Dracula, but PATH field: it is very afraid of the Ottomans, since it was an exceptionally skillful commander.They called him the black knight Hungary.

However, there is evidence of an alternative.As written by his contemporaries, Franz was so cruel to the prisoners by the Turks, many impressionable people immediately parted with the contents of his stomach, just looking at it "art".And it is in those times when it was difficult to scare people a simple view of the executed man!So Elizabeth Bathory, Bloody Countess (as it was called then), has received quite meet a husband.

young wife gave birth to four children, only her bloodthirsty tendencies fact of motherhood is not reduced in the slightest degree.However, at first it was very low-key and more tweaks and strong slaps did not come.Exceptional faults servant could get a club, but nothing more.However, over time it became more and more tricks frightening.So, begin maniac loved to pierce body parts of their victims long needles.Most likely, the "teacher" was mentioned in the beginning of this article aunt, with whom Elizabeth apparently had a close relationship.

Why drag it to go unpunished?

Generally, only excessive and exorbitant different Elizabeth Bathory.Biography it is terrible, that's just while almost all members of the nobility was not considered for the people of his servants and treated them accordingly.In Slovak Hungarian gentry were peasants who actually is in a position much worse than the Roman slaves.For the latter, at least, all was impossible to kill with impunity.Hungarian aristocrats of the tortured, hanged and brutally finished off anyone who dared to "guilty."Often the fault comes up with on the fly.

To stand against this background, Elizabeth Bathory (Bloody Countess) was completely different savage imagination.And she tried!

torture chamber

unfortunate servant noticed that the cruelty of their crazy housewife becomes less pronounced if guests are her castle.They secretly spoiled carriage horse "for no apparent reason" ran all the surrounding forests, and they had to catch a long time ... But it helps them out for long.It was the residence of the Countess in Beckov castle, basements where there were torture chambers.Oh, there she gave full vent to his sick imagination.

But even in the "home" conditions she could just literally tear the girl's face fingernails.Maids were happy, if the punishment consisted only in orders to undress completely and as such continue to work.So "famous" among friends of Elizabeth Bathory.Biography later showed that all of the above was only small pranks.

In the vast family estate, which are located under the vast wine cellars, a real theater was arranged torment and suffering.Here the poor girl got it in full, they died a very painful and long.It was the countess and personal assistant DA Shantes that people knew by the nickname Dorcas.It complements the "honest company" extremely ugly dwarf Fichko.


In 1604, her husband died of the heroine of our story.At this point, the Countess Elizabeth Bathory, feeling completely free even from the formal framework begins bezumstvovat.The number of victims is growing every month.To brighten up the loneliness of flour, she picks up a mistress among the maids, who became A. Darvuliya.Consider it an innocent victim is not necessary, since it was she who later advised the women to force his mistress ever serve in the estate completely naked.

other entertainment mistress was pouring water accidents and their slow transformation into ice statues.And so on throughout the winter.

Crimes without punishment

For minor and often just imaginary offenses were carried out in the premises of Countess "light" punishment.If someone is caught in the petty theft, he put his hand in a hot coin.If the master was ill-ironed clothes, he flew toward the offending red-hot iron.Countess Elizabeth Bathory adored flay fireplace tongs, cutting scissors maids.

But most "respected" it is a long sewing needle.She loved to drive them girls under the nails, while offering unhappy them out.No sooner had the unfortunate victim to try to remove the needle, she was beaten and her fingers chopped off.At this time, Bathory was part of a state of ecstasy, passing teeth tearing chunks of breast meat accidents.

«fresh meat" was not enough, and so insatiable tormentor began to collect the young and poor women in remote villages.In the first months no problem with that arose: poor peasants gladly gave their daughters as simply could not feed them.They really believed in the rich castle of their children at least will not die of hunger.Yes, they are undernourished and in fact did not die ...

beginning of the end

In 1606 Darvuliya mistress dies from an attack of epilepsy.But the Countess Elizabeth Bathory (biography Bloody Lady says dozens of mistresses) quickly starts a romance with Ezhsi Mayorov.Unlike all previous mistresses, in her veins flowed not a drop of noble blood, came from a peasant girl.No respect for the nobility it is not fed.That's mistress Countess talked to hunt even the daughters of the petty nobility.Agreeing Bathory finally signed his own death warrant.Until then, the surrounding is not a bit worried about her "eccentricities", but now everything was different.

However, it then do not bother.The only problem was a pile of corpses, who were required to get rid of.Still, it bothered rumors that could disperse throughout the area.The Church then has had such an impact, but for such antics, even while it is able to send to the stake.

And what about the church?

many victims could not find any rational explanation, and all the honors began to do too much.The bodies were simply bury in the cemetery, and priests suspected something was wrong.For all clearly was Elizabeth Bathory, Bloody Countess.1560-1614 years have shown that the church generally provided extremely short-sighted in such matters.

guess the priests of the diabolical orgy before, but were very docile, as the Countess generously donated to the church.But Reverend Mayoroshu who professed husband Bathory, all that bothered.Do not endure the torments of conscience, he called it "a terrible beast and a murderer."

Money and power have helped to hush up the scandal Countess without consequences.But churchmen already tired of all this: a minister Paretroys vehemently refused to read the burial the next batch of corpses in the open Bathory expressing their opinion about it.

Rev. Panikenush to which the countess has requested the funeral, sent it to the same address.I had a maniac with his hands cut corpses to pieces and bury them all nearby fields.However, most of the remains of just thrown off into the river, where they were "delighted" by local fishermen.People's patience was rapidly drying out.At first there were rumors of a werewolf, but the local people seriously not one of them: all already knew that the evil in the local castle sits, and that his name is "the Countess Elizabeth Bathory."Biography Bloody Lady was coming to its logical conclusion.

In addition, the two girls were still able to escape from the clutches of a mad beast, but because the church and secular courts were still all the necessary evidence of her adventures.

continued "banquet»

But the Elizabeth Bathory (photo of her prints are in the article) have long lost all caution.In 1609, it convenes a whole group of minor daughters of noblemen, in order to teach them a "course of secular manners."For many of them it was the last event in life.Deep in the dungeon of their death resembled only a pool of blood.This time the countess was not possible to escape so easily.

She had to quickly compose a fable about how one of the girls went crazy and mad frenzy finished off several of his girlfriends.The story was obviously unrealistic, but the money in this case helped to silence all dissatisfied.

bloody orgy continued the same course.The servants then testified that once the door to the room of the Countess natekla such a pool of blood that had for a long time to shower her with coal, as otherwise would be impossible to pass without getting your feet wet.At the same time, Elizabeth Bathory, (photo of her for obvious reasons not survived) sadly wrote in his diary: "The poor, she was extremely weak ..." meaning the next victim.Lucky girl, and she died from a painful shock.The devastating


all come to an end.Dried up and money Bathory, who could not buy everything for their orgies and plugging golden mouths of witnesses.In 1607 she was forced to sell or pledge all of your real estate property.And here's the "stab in the back" to her family stuck.First, they did not like the squandering of family wealth.Secondly, there is a real danger that all this bedlam reaches the ears of the Pope, and then the fire will have to go together.They sanctioned the start of the investigation.

investigators personally interviewed Elizabeth Bathory.Bloody Countess was to tell where in the dungeon of the castle it took just nine corpses.She answered that the girls (with obvious signs of torture) died of the disease.Allegedly, they had to be buried in lime, fearing the spread of infection.Sure, it was a stupid and impudent lie.Close secretly agreed with the investigation and had intended to send a relative to the monastery.All ahead of Parliament, which has put forward formally charged with murder.

court hearings on the case started in Bratislava.December 28, 1610 in the castle Bathory was held a new search, in which were found mutilated remains of a young girl.And in the same room were two more corpses.In short, Elizabeth Bathory, Bloody Countess, apparently lost all sense of proportion and respect.Directly Court held January 2, 1611.Just 17 people witnessed the proceedings.Dorcas at once confessed that helped kill 36 women and killed immediately Fichko 37 accidents.

Five days later began a new process.It will be heard eyewitness testimony.The accused in the courtroom was not.Count Tuzho, a relative of the killer did not want to "sully the honor of" the illustrious military exploits of the family, but just read the diary.It provided details of all the 650 victims.

assistant Mystery

already in court revealed that Bathory (Bloody Countess), had another assistant.She took an active part in the torture, but always wore men's clothes and called herself Stefan.Whenever "Stephen" came to death, victims of torture began with renewed vigor.It is very likely that the stranger was the same aunt Elizabeth, but to prove her involvement and could not.

January 7, 1611 the court issued its final verdict, put an end in this whole monstrous story.Dork and several accomplices (mistresses) pulled out his fingers and toes and slowly roasted on the grill.Fichko got off easier all - he was sentenced to the fire, but before mercifully beheaded.Aunt escaped "slight shock" as her involvement was not proven.

Enraged amount of dirt, which resulted in his family, Count Tuzho asked to punish the main culprit is particularly sophisticated.After this has been immured in his own castle Bathory.Bloody Countess lasted more than three years, regularly receiving food and water through an opening in the cell door.One young guard decided to somehow look at this monster with his own eyes (this was in 1614).So everyone knew that the legendary killer died.

Thus ended his life Countess Elizabeth Bathory.Biography her appalling, and far beyond the facts of torture and murder, but the indifference that showed all the characters of the story.It may save a bit of caution though Countess, then she would have died a respected woman of old age.

This is what is known worldwide for Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614 gg.).