The flag and the coat of arms of the Republic of Komi: description and semantics of symbolism edge

The symbols of the Republic often displayed their major natural or historical features.The flag and the coat of arms of the Republic of Komi are no exception.

Komi Republic: general characteristics

This Republic was founded in 1921.Today, it is part of the North-West Federal District of Russia.

Its territory is bordered to the north ridge Pai-Khoi, from the south - the northern ridges, and from the east - the Ural Mountains.In the expanses of this region flows many rivers like the mountain and plain.The largest among them are the Pechora, Usa, Vychegda, Izhma, Vashka, low water and others.

Komi Republic can also be called Lake District.About 78 thousand lakes of different sizes located within it.In addition, about 8% of the territory occupied by marshes.

Vast expanses of Komi covered with virgin forests, which have no analogues in Europe.They occupy more than 30 thousand square kilometers!In 1995, these forests have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

flag of the Republic: the description and semantics

flag and coat of arms of the Republic of Komi in their present form were adopted in the 90s of the last century.A flag represented as rectangular webs traditional size composed of three equivalent horizontal stripes: blue (top) and green (middle), and white (bottom).It is curious that this flag was originally Bashkir (since 1917).However, the Parliament of the Republic of Komi was more nimble and managed to "stake out" him before.As a result, the Republic of Bashkortostan had to argue for himself another flag.

colors of the flag successfully reflect the natural features of the Republic of Komi, which have been described above.The top blue stripe represents the vast expanses of the North, the green - vast tracts of taiga forests, and white - the beautiful and crystal white snow.Thus, the virginal purity and severity, the two main features of this region is ideally embodied in the flag of the country.

Concerning the bottom of the white band there is another interpretation.For example, the white color in the symbolism is the entire agreement and understanding between all the cultures that live together peacefully in this area.

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Komi

The coat of arms in gold color depicts a bird of prey, which is standard on the red shield.On the breast of the bird is placed humanized face of the sun surrounded by six elk heads.

What kind of semantics carries the coat of arms of the Republic of Komi?

Bird - is not nothing but a symbol of supreme power and the image of the sun.But elk on the emblem symbolizes the strength and generosity of time.Also, the image of moose carries the meaning of the aligned harmoniously in the world.

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Komi combines the gold and red colors, which are closely linked to the ancient folklore of the local Komi people.These colors symbolize the sun, as well as the process of birth of new life.Not by chance, and the fact that the bird depicted on the emblem so that it follows the shape of a cross with his body.This can be interpreted as symbols of power, the state and spiritual.

should be noted that the image of elk and Sun also contain many areas of the arms of the Komi Republic.Also often they present figures spruce forest or taiga.

Arms of cities

Komi Republic in the Republic of Komi has ten cities, each of which has its own coat of arms and flag.Consider the arms of the largest settlements of this region.

  • Syktyvkar.The emblem of the administrative center of the republic shows golden brown bear lying in a den.Background heraldic shield - blue-green.Above it hangs a bear unusual star - a national design element Komi.Home semantics of this emblem is as follows: the bear represents the custodian of urban culture and local traditions, and the star above it means the sun.

  • Vorkuta.The emblem of the city, authored by Nikolai Zhilin, reflects all the originality of Vorkuta.For example, it shows the pile driver of the mine and waste heap and silver deer, embodied in his jump.As is known, it discovered deposits of coal city owes its appearance.Therefore, such an image on the city's coat of arms was not random.The color scheme is dominated by the emblem of Vorkuta blue and silver colors, which symbolize the northern expanses and the natural resources of the northern region.

In conclusion

symbolism of any territory should it carry a geographic identity, ie those features that are key to a particular region.Komi Republic - is primarily a rich folklore and colorful folk traditions.Coat of Arms of the Republic of Komi wonder features a moose head, because moose in the culture of the Komi people always equated to the solar deity.

In turn, the flag of the Republic, in his colors successfully mapped the main natural features and richness of this amazing region.