How to hide the Windows folder on your computer or laptop

Many users of the Windows operating system are wondering how to hide a folder on your computer.This feature is useful if you are using a computer that is also used by other people - for example, family members or colleagues at work.In just a few simple steps, you can make any file invisible to other users.In addition to the standard configuration of hidden files, you can make the file icon and clear his name.Thus, to open the file becomes possible only if the user knows exactly where the file is located on the desktop as well as at any chosen location.

First of all, create a new folder in your chosen directory.Make a right click, then select "Create» - & gt; «Folder."For example, a new folder in this directory.Renaming is currently optional.

Click the right mouse button and moving the cursor to a folder you created, select "Properties", then - "Settings".Then, make a button click "Change Icon."Look at the middle of the proposed options, and you'll see transparent icons.Simply select one of them,

then press «OK» - & gt;"Apply» - & gt;«OK».

Name your folder in its sole discretion.Click "Rename" and then instead of typing the folder name, press a combination of «Alt +0160».Simply put, you must press «Alt» hold and dial the specified combination of numbers.After that, the folder you created will be invisible.

If you are interested in how to hide a folder on your laptop, you should hold the keys simultaneously «Alt» and «FN», and only then enter the number "0160".Then release all keys and press "Enter."

The following actions are also instructions for how to hide a folder on your computer or laptop.

Make click the right mouse button on the icon of a file or folder, and select the item called "Properties".When the window pops up, look at the bottom part of the window and you'll see attributes.Tick ​​attribute "hidden" and restart your computer.You will immediately see that the icon of your file or folder is no longer displayed.

You can create multiple undisplayable files and folders on your desktop, for when you are performing a combination of concealment on the keyboard again, when you use this other space.It must be remembered that this hidden folder is not 100% invisible.Today it is possible how to hide folders easily and find it - there are different ways to search for and discovery of these folders.

So, hidden folders in Windows 7 can be displayed after the following actions.

Double-click on the icon called "My Computer", click "Tools" then "Folder Options."When the window appears, select the "View" menu at the top of the tab.Locate and select the tab "Show hidden files and folders", then click "OK" or "Apply".

also to be found in the Windows 7 hidden folders and files with transparent icons, you must do the following.

Sign in "Start" menu and click "Search".When the window pops up asking for your search, select "All files and folders."Enter the name of the file or folder that you want to find.Also select the drop-down list local disk, which has been stored the file you want, and to set up - search on a disc.

Once you have completed all the steps above, click on the "Search" button.After a few minutes the search is executed, and the file is displayed in the middle of the window.