Minimum system requirements Windows 7

Before the user installs the software on your PC or laptop, it usually reflects on what the minimum system requirements are necessary for the normal operation of the software.They are specified on the cover of the medium in which a program or game.This is done to ensure that the owners of the "weak" devices did not spend money unnecessarily.

for each operating system has its own minimum system requirements (Windows 7 - is no exception).Therefore, before installing a newer Vindous must always take them into consideration.If your device does not have enough parameters "iron", then an upgrade should be abandoned.Otherwise, the work will be very uncomfortable or even impossible.

When creating the most popular to date, the operating system, the developers made sure to comply with the minimum system requirements.Windows 7 includes a program that checks every computer to be compatible with this system.It is called Windows7 Upgrate Advisor.It analyzes all your computer's hardware and installed software.T

his allows you to avoid installing the system in the wrong computer.

I have to say that Windows 7 Ultimate system requirements will be much larger than the other versions.If you want to install tridtsatidvuhbitny option, then you must have a processor with frequency - not less than one gigahertz.Minimum RAM should be at least one gigabyte.As for the hard drive, it must be at least sixteen gigabytes.Video adapter - Direct X 9 support with memory hundred twenty-eight megabytes or more.

But the minimum system requirements Windows 7 shestidesyatichetyrehbitnoy version will be much higher.The processor must be 64-bit, and its frequency - not less than one gigahertz.RAM is required for two gigabytes.Free space on hard disk - twenty gigabytes.Video card will fit, as in the case of 32-bit system.

These system requirements are Windows 7 for reference.For example, the initial Vindous 7 will be satisfied, and 512 megabytes of RAM, but the maximum will take over from one gigabyte.So take out the performance of your computer before you install it.

When you understand the capabilities of your "iron" and you can check the compatibility of your computer.I want to tell you that if your device is not older than two years, it is likely, "Seven" will fall without any problems.After all, manufacturers are trying to release hardware with some headroom.

If your PC is older, perform the test.To do this, download a special free utility, which was mentioned earlier in this article.It is located on the official website of Microsoft.After you download it, you must install.Upon its completion, launch the app and start checking.It may take several minutes.When it is completed, you will learn the system requirements of Windows 7 to your device or not.