How is the diagnosis of the computer in the home?

In everyone's life there may come a time when his trusty computer refuses to work harder.This is not a cause for panic, in most cases, the problem can solve simple computer diagnostics.Independently carry it will not make difficulties.

first bell fault systems are available immediately after turning on the computer.The motherboard should issue a single beep that indicates the efficiency of the system.If there is any problem, then there is an entire table of combinations of sounds, which allows you to immediately identify the source of the problem.For example, 8 short beeps will alert the fault graphics, and 3 beeps - a malfunction of the memory module.Hearing uncharacteristic sounds from your system unit, do not immediately carry it to a service center, you just need to clean it from dust.The list of signals can be viewed on the Internet.

If you turn on the system unit coolers, but it is not light bulb lit up, not a single sound was heard and on the screen there was a scary black, most likely, will have to change the motherboard.

After turning the system unit did not happen, there are two possible options: either burned power supply or you have turned off the electricity.Replacing the power supply will not cause any problems.This is a fairly simple process.

PC Diagnostics continues, if after the system emits one short beep, BIOS believed all the basic physical parameters, such as memory, the number of hard drives, and so on, you can be sure that with the "iron" all right.

Another possible cause of PC failure - problems in the disk system.If your monitor displays an inscription like: «Non system disk or disk error» then think several times before starting the restore process.Improper diagnostics may cause the computer to crash the entire system, as well as the loss of all personal data on your hard disk.

First, you need to enter BIOS and check whether the hard disk is determined.To enter immediately after the download, you must press «del».BIOS diverse structure, but in the very first menu always shows all connected and involved storage media, the current time and date.If the hard disk was not there, a simple diagnosis of the computer here will not help.You will need to use a variety of applications, which is carried out using computer diagnostics.The program scans the drive and finds them "broken" sector, which after being restored.

If the system is booted, but the quality of her work is not satisfied, then there will help in time spent computer diagnostics.There is a lot of variety of applications such as Tun eUp Utilities and Norton Disk Doctor, which are able to quickly and accurately check the hard drives, system registry and other areas for the presence of faults and errors.Modern program, which is carried out computer diagnostics, can run in the background and in most cases do not require user intervention.

In summary, it can be noted that not every problem in the PC should trigger a hike in the service center.Making timely diagnosis of the computer can save your time and money.