How do the splits?

Before you start to do the exercises to stretch the splits, answer yourself the question, why is it necessary?Motivation - a cornerstone in achieving any goal.Perhaps you want to improve your stretching and infamous split - not an end in itself, and the indicator of your progress.It may be so, that is a skill you need to improve your own self-esteem and "tick", with no apparent practical use.An additional incentive could be that as a result of regular and fairly time-consuming exercise (you will have to go almost an hour each) you will not only be able to show everyone how to do the splits.These exercises form a good posture, and to a certain extent and contribute to weight loss.So, to start with the motives and the patience and determination.How do the splits?Exercises, tips and safety - all this you will find below.


read this section carefully.Twine at home - an achievable goal, but often fanatical exercises are fraught with sprains, after which will not recover so easily, and the pain can last for weeks.To avoid this, keep the measure.Under the ban, and any sudden movements classes through the pain.All

exercises performed slowly, with your back straight, without tremendous effort and jerks.Stop for a moment before you feel tension, or worse, the pain.Your movements - is cautious wiggle, latching end position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.Abbreviated complex can be performed on a daily basis, but full training will be enough 3-4 a week, because the body needs time to recover.

Let's get started.How to start any training?With a warm-up, you say, and you will be almost right.The muscles need to warm up.We start with a warm bath, and only then go to workout.Follow your usual exercises, stretching from top to bottom.Complete energetic strides, squats, jumps or more movements of the dance aerobics.Now to the main point: advice on how to do the splits.Exercises can be performed both without additional equipment, and relying on a solid object (even a table).

slopes, lunges and squats

  1. Stand with your feet as wide as possible.Leans forward, then down, the purpose - to touch the floor with his elbows.When stooping back does not bend!Then touches the floor with his hands and a little spring, trying to separate the legs a little wider.We fix.
  2. Do flowing attacks on the supporting leg, placing second back and without bending it.Keeping your posture.Swaying in this position, trying to go down as low as possible.Change the pace.
  3. Similar attacks aside.Take a few times in each direction, and then - rolls his feet every time fixes the position of at least half a minute.

Ballet and Gymnastics

  1. leg raises to the side and are guided by it, such as a table, which will replace our ballet barre.Without bending your back, lean forward and, keeping this position a little wiggle.Both legs straight!Repeat to the other side.
  2. starting position does not change.Crouching on the supporting leg, smooth motion, back straight, his foot on the "machine" does not bend.
  3. Stand on the right leg, right arm rely, for example, on the wall.Set up the left leg back, left hand grabs the knee.We raise it as high as possible, trying to straighten fully.Repeat several times, do not forget to fix the end position.Again, not "pulling" back with the other leg.This increases the effectiveness of exercise and, in addition, strengthens and back.So, in the end, you will learn not only how to do the splits.Exercises and significantly improve your posture.
  4. previous exercise option for those who have mastered it well.Not bow leg behind the knee and ankle.The problem is the same: to straighten the leg completely.Of course, not particularly leaning forward and bending the supporting leg.

on the floor

  1. We sit on the floor.Right foot forward, left, bent, we start back.With flat back leans forward to a straight leg, we feel tension.We are in a position to a minute.2 more times, and change the leg.
  2. Legs breed apart, wide enough, but to a comfortable position for you.After all, only a relaxed muscle can stretch well.Far away are drawn forward, tension should be felt in the leg muscles.Try to relax and soak in that position for several minutes.

At the end of training carefully try to do the splits.Do not overdo it!With due patience and reasonable care, you will notice that every week to the floor is a little smaller, and given the progress easier.