How do I know the rest of the maternity capital via the Internet - a step by step description

Maternal capital - is a timely social assistance to young families with minor children.In her parents have a right to expect, as part of a family that has two or more children.It goes right to receive such government assistance is recorded in the special certificate.It is known that this guide parents can use at their discretion for the benefit of their children.However, the program has its own expiration date.According to preliminary data, it is valid until the end of December 2016.Therefore, many parents today are interested in the question of how to find the rest of the maternity capital via the Internet.And does it really make a remote location?

How to get information about the balance matkapitala: online calculator

Suppose you and your family were happy owners of a family certificate.One of your children are over three years, and some of the money from the amount allocated by the state, you have already spent.Then you have any plans to use the remainder of the funds, but you do not know the exact amount in the account.

How do I know the rest of the parent capital in such a case?The easiest option - to use the service, which for such calculations have an online calculator.As a rule, these calculators are very simple menu.It has 5-6 items, painted over the years.In order to perform the calculations needed in the right column to indicate the exact amount of money you have spent in a given year.For example, in 2013, you have spent a total of 20 000 rubles.

Next, enter the amount in box with 2013 year and click on the highlighted button "Calculate".The calculation is performed by taking into account the amounts set out in that year.Recall that at the time it made 408 960 rubles.After checking service will Amount for 2014 - 429,409 rubles, and the balance amount indexed for 2015 - 453 026 rubles.And here there is a reasonable question: "For what reason Amount has not diminished, but increased?".

why these amounts have increased?

do not assume to know how the rest of the parent capital?The calculations obtained by increasing the amount of residue?The main reason for this anomaly is the indexing of the amount matkapitala.That is, the law provides for an annual indexation of money until 2017.In particular, we are talking about those families who at a certain point in time has not yet had time to use all the money from the family capital, and spent only a small part of it.

In such cases each year Amount of capital will be indexed and, therefore, increase.

How do I know the rest of the parent capital through the Internet site of public services

second option obtain information on balances matkapitala is accessing public services website.To file a request for information about the remaining balance on your account, you must first secure their data in the system and then do the following:

  • enter the site of public services;
  • select "Public services";
  • bottom of the list click on the tab "all services (by departments);
  • select the tab "Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation";
  • select the tab "Pension Fund";
  • the link "Informing citizens about the provision of state social assistance in the form of social services";
  • press the button "Get the service."

After that there will be redirected to the page with a special application form.It should include your contact information, the subject matter and methods of preparing a response to the request (by phone, by mail, by email).At the same time an answer to the query to find out the balance on maternity capital via the Internet, will be within 15-30 days after treatment.

How to get information about the balance matkapitala mail?

addition to the Internet to get information about the balance in your account may be in the mail.It performs this task the State Pension Fund.While the procedure distribution of such information is not later than the first of September of each year.In this letter to the sum of the remainder is sent to the specified in the application for the issuance of the parent capital or the address of the place of registration.

Who can get information about the amount of residue?Get details about the remainder matkapitala citizens entitled to the following:

  • not yet taken advantage of at least part of the state aid;
  • that already use part of the funds were included in the Federal Register of persons;
  • who Amount matkapitala is more than 30 rubles.

How to obtain data on the balance of capital to the Pension Fund?

If you want to know the rest of the maternity capital before the term established by the state, it is always possible to refer the matter to the SPC in the community.To submit such a request, you need to personally come to the state structure with a passport and the original certificate and write a statement on the provision of information on account balance.Whether the above statement with copies of the certificate and all significant pages of the passport can be sent by mail.

answer to your query, you can get a certificate-statement, which is available in three days on the passport.

Can I enter the site of the Pension Fund and to receive information about the rest?

Despite the large amount of useful information, many parents do not lose hope to see the rest of the maternity capital via the Internet.Can it be done?Currently logged in Pension Fund and find information on the balance matkapitala impossible.This is due to the law on the preservation of users' personal data.

Can a spouse or someone else to take a statement from the family balance?

certificate of matkapitala account can receive only one parent, who previously wrote the application for the issuance of such a document.Getting information he too can only passport.The spouse or any relative of that person will be able to get help only if the notarized power of attorney.Otherwise, the information about the account balance is not provided.

Can I get information on the amount of residue in another city?

Many mothers are interested in the question of how to see the rest of the parent capital in another city.For example, if the certificate has been issued in Moscow, and you live for the moment in Volgograd.In this case, you can obtain this information.But before that, it makes sense to apply to the Department of Pension Fund of the place of residence, and to write a statement about the request of your business at the branch of the fund in which the past and prepares documents for the issuance of a certificate.Next Pension Fund will send a request to the other body FIU.

After getting your business going to happen in Moscow, you can write an application for a certificate of the amount of residue.According to preliminary information, e-mail your case will take approximately 1-2 weeks.

Does shelf life certificate of the requested amount of residue matkapitala?

Apart from the question of how to check the balance of maternity capital, many parents are interested in the fact whether the reference to such information shelf life.

Based on the rules, the shelf life of reference, asking parents about the balance on the account, no.By and large, it is relevant only at the time of treatment.Suppose, after receipt of capital owners decided to spend more of the money.Consequently, the amount specified in the certificate no longer corresponds to the real data.

Can I order a certificate, a statement on an urgent basis?

not know how to find the rest of the maternity capital via the Internet?All the information we have in our article.In addition to the process of applying for the account balance matkapitala many people are interested in the question of the immediate receipt of such a response to the request.However, to everyone's disappointment, the issuance of certificates is carried out not earlier than 2-3 days after treatment.Previously, to get an answer to your request is impossible.

Do I need to go to the Pension Fund twice?

Many believe that before applying with the request to use the family capital for credit (for example, as the first installment of the mortgage), you must come to the Pension Fund twice: first - to write a statement about the balance matkapitala, and then - to applythe use of funds as a down payment on the loan.However, this is not true.

According to the Pension Fund, information about the balance in your account is already in the program of the Fund and the recipient in the personal certificate.So if you decide to spend the money from matkapitala in favor of the mortgage, the issue can be solved in just one visit.At the same time request the balance amount is not necessary.All the main points about how to find the rest of the maternity capital via the Internet are described in this article.

Can I apply on the balance without a certificate?

There are situations when it is necessary to take the help of the balance, and in the hands of a registered person is not in the certificate.For example, this may occur if the registered person has gathered to buy property using proxies.In this case, the trustee also has the right to apply for information about the balance of the account on your behalf.

Now you know you can find the rest of the parent capital through the Internet or not.