Recurrent payments (regular, periodic)

Now offers a huge number of different services, which, in theory, should make the lives of the modern man easier.For example, recurrent payments.What is it, what are their pros and cons, let's look at the article.

What is recurrent payments?

payment name comes from the English recurrent payment , which literally sounds like a "regular payment".This type can still be found under the name "avtoplatezh."The idea is that the funds are debited from your account or your mobile phone automatically, you just once to configure the system by specifying the frequency of write-offs and the required amount.It is important to comply with only one condition: the account must be in cash.In fact, this kind of a schedule of payments and transfers.


Periodic payments possess a number of advantages.If you are a regular, month after month, to carry out certain financial transactions, then configuring avtoplatezh, save time spent on their design and perfect.

Then it is good that it is not necessary to keep in mind the maturity date and to be afraid of bad debts.This is especially useful with loans, because of the delay in introduction of the loan the bank has a penalty.

avtoplatezh also be conveniently configured for a mobile phone with a decrease in its balance sheet below certain levels.This removes the concern that you may suddenly be left without communication because the amount is not introduced on time.Actually it will be for those people who often travel on business trips.

Another advantage is that some services offer discounts for their services provided avtoplatezhey registration.Also a plus is the savings on commissions.When avtoplatezhe it or not, or it is lower than with other methods of payment.


recurrent payments, unfortunately, belong to high-risk operations, as performed without acceptance.This means that your debit authorization no money will not ask.

If avtoplatezh configured for external transfers, it is necessary to bear in mind that weekends and holidays are not enforced.It is also important to ensure that the total amount did not exceed the limit or balance on the card.Otherwise, the payment will not be performed.

avtoplatezhi and not protected from the possibility of a technical malfunction in the system.It is also not possible to suspend the application of funds in time, you will need to remove all the settings, and then set the parameters again.

Therefore, in the case of regular payments should act on the principle of "trust but verify."

This convenient avtoplatezhi?

regular payments you can make out of a variety of goods and services, as well as serve the needs of business.Therefore, they are suitable not only for individuals but also for organizations and private entrepreneurs.

In the interests of business, you can configure avtoplatezhi for access to different content repositories or SaaS-service (for example, online accounting), to set up the payment of taxes and contributions.

for personal use is convenient to register avtoplatezhi for cellular communication, Internet, commercial television, public utilities, to extinguish loans.Automatically you can customize and transfers of funds, for example, relatives or friends, as well as currency exchange, if you do for some reason required.

largest online retailers offer their users to subscribe to pay for goods and services.

If you are involved in charity, such transfers can also be configured as a recurrent payments.If you are an investment, the introduction of data and resources can be set up on a periodic basis.That is, in fact, the recurrence can do almost any type of payment that is made at regular intervals.

conveniently configure automatic payments, and those who are involved in micro-credit systems.

How to reduce the risks?

to pay the payments did not turn around for you a succession of troubles, follow the safety rules.Under no circumstances do not pass card to third parties.Even the waiter at the restaurant has no right to claim it.All manipulations with the card must be carried out only in your presence.

The fact that the payment is necessary to know not so much: the card number, holder's name, expiry date and CVV \ CVC code that is publicly available on the reverse side.Therefore there is no need even to steal your card, you need to rewrite the necessary information.

Keep a phone bank in an emergency to contact him immediately and block the card.Connect the mobile bank, then about every movement on your current account, you will receive SMS notification.Use only trusted sites, shops and hotels.Keep your anti-virus protection on your computer and do not use other people's PCs payment transactions.Set a limit for Internet payments.Some banks allow you to do this remotely without visiting the office.Most importantly - do not forget to turn off avtoplatezh if stopped using any service.

These rules are not difficult to comply with, but they do help to save your money.

avtoplatezh How to set up?

Banks almost any kind of payment offered to set up an automatic payment.The Internet bank it is enough to put a check mark in "Repeat regularly."

If you want to set up regular payments and to pay for services you currently do not need, then select "Configure avtoplatezh."They specify the name of the operation, select the regularity of performance (weekly, monthly or on specific dates), check the validity (not limited to any particular date or by number of payments).Procedure in each bank may be slightly different, but the principle is the same everywhere.

Configure avtoplatezhi possible not only through online banking, but also through the electronic purse.For example, "Yandex" allow to top up your mobile phone.

Regular payments and business

avtoplatezhi If you look at from the perspective of business owners, it is very profitable.Buyers who have the ability to set a regular application of funds, often become permanent, so there is no need to re-enter the details.

Avtoplatezh makes the procedure of payment for goods or services easier, eliminating the commission of a number of additional actions, which in turn increases sales online store several times.This is especially important for those businesses that offer regular character: hosting, commercial television, educational programs, access to any resources.