How best to write an essay on the topic "My best friend"?

essay on "My best friend" has to be special.It must first understand the pupil, which is to write it.

whole point - in the theme itself

actually essay on "My best friend" is not as hard to write as, say, an essay about love and the meaning of life.No, it's all very simple and clear - the author should tell the person who is for him, for some reason, expensive, fit and loved ones.

essay on "My best friend" should be filled with details and detailed descriptions.Moreover, they should apply to both the appearance and other features of the human - nature, education, manners, and so on. D. In other words, you must make a verbal portrait of his friend.This is not too much difficulty - is the most important focus, as when writing an essay of this kind is necessary to recall as many details.Moreover, it is desirable that most of them were deep and not superficial.

assume all notice hair length, eye color, height.But you can write something like: "Not many people have noticed it, but my friend has an amazing mole, which is located right in the middle ear lobe" or "If a long talk with him, we can see that talking about something seriousHe sometimes squints like suspects something. He does not have vision problems as it might seem at first, but it looks very mysterious. "

In short, it is necessary to make the reader a fantasy played out and issued on a subconscious level, or even the full picture of the picture described in the text of a man.And this can help only details.

The nature

Writer-description "My best friend" does not end with only one appearance.Although it will be half.But appearances should always complement the description of the character.Otherwise the impression of incompleteness and inadequacy - although it is clear how a person looks, but also interesting to know what he is as a person.So this time can not be overlooked.

The description of the character, too, is approached creatively.It is not necessary to write only good - you need to be objective and to give the reader understand it.The best technique with which this part can be handled easily - write it, why this man became a best friend.What kind of love for him.Again, here is be creative.For example: "Of course, my friend is not perfect. It can flare up at the slightest provocation, quarreled over little things, think of yourself something, and then, cursing, we will be a long time to deal with this. But he told me all the same roads. All theseCons - nothing compared with its advantages. For that I love him? He is trustworthy, loyal, talkative and, most importantly, he is always ready to listen to me and to support, rejoice with me, or be sad. He is someone who is going through with memy life. And it is - the most valuable friendship. "


last phrase can be an excellent completion of an essay on the topic "My best friend".The writing should be written from the heart - it is the most important thing.It is necessary to re-live those moments that befall in life, remember what happened the situation.The writing on the topic of "My best friend" - is not just a job, it is also an opportunity to look at his relationship with his friend in a new, fresh look.Good to you and true friends!