Atomic (nuclear) power

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classical sources of energy from the beginning of industrialization is a natural resources: oil, gas and coal, burned to produce energy.With the development of industry and other industries, as well as in connection with the imminent environmental crisis humanity opens up new sources of energy, is not adversely affecting the environment, more energy-effective and do not require depletion of exhaustible natural resources.Nuclear power (also called nuclear) deserves special attention.

What is the advantage of it?Nuclear power is mainly based on the use of uranium as an energy source and to a lesser extent, of plutonium.The reserves of uranium in the earth's crust and oceans which can be extracted with the use of modern technologies, the estimated number of 108 tons.This amount will suffice for thousands of years, which is incomparable with the remaining inventory, for example, the same oil.Nuclear energy in the sound operation and recycling virtually safe for the environmental situation - the number of releases to the environment a variety of harmful substances is negligible.Finally, nuclear energy is efficient in economic terms.All of this suggests that the development of nuclear energy has enormous significance for the energy industry as a whole.

Today, the share of nuclear power in global energy production is about 16%.Nuclear power is currently developing with somewhat slower speeds.The main reason - the belief prevalent among the public in its danger.Happened a few years ago, the disaster in Japan and still Unforgotten Chernobyl accident contribute to creating an unpleasant image of nuclear energy.The fact that the causes of such disasters is always the human factor and / or failure to comply with safety regulations.Accordingly, careful operation and development of safety at nuclear power stations, the likelihood of such incidents is minimized.

Other problems of nuclear energy are also questions about the disposal of radioactive waste and the fate of the non-functioning plant.With regard to waste, the amount thereof is considerably less than the number thereof in the rest of the energy industry.Also conducted various studies, which aim to detect the optimal method of waste disposal.

prospects for nuclear power in the modern industry, however, rather negative.Despite its theoretical advantage, in reality, it turned out that completely replace the classic nuclear power industry can not.In addition, the role played by public distrust of her, and safety issues at the plant.Although, of course, in the near future, nuclear power will not disappear as such, it is unlikely to be have high expectations, and it just will complement the classic energy industry.