How to cheat tourists

On the eve of New Year, an increasing number of think about where and how to spend this holiday.And one of the most popular methods are traveling.But tourists are always a tasty target for different kinds of fraud and deception.Each country has developed its own ways of defrauding denezhek naïve tourists.To New Voyage (or any other holiday) was marred by unpleasant memories to prepare in advance.

1. Vietnam

popular way to travel in this country are the buses.Most trusted among tourists company Sinh Tourist, characterized in service and reliability.That is why tickets for its buses as often counterfeited.However, other bus companies sell tickets as their own, as it were, on behalf of the eminent competitor.Others simply do not backed by anything fake."Falshivobiletchiki" are everywhere, even on the bus or in hotels.So what is the safest purchasing tickets on the official website of the company or in his office.

2. Bali

temples around Bali, huge flocks of monkeys roam.At the same time the animals happily snatch your belongings and drag them into the jungle.Of course, among them there are indeed representatives of wildlife, but in most cases, the hunt for the cameras and bags are trained animals.They bring the loot trainers who honestly and return "mined" the property owners.For very modest recompense 3-4 dollars, that's how deceiving tourists.Therefore it is in such places hard to keep their things, putting bags on the shoulder strap.

3. New York

in Times Square by local musicians, rappers often try to "bestow" tourists with its records.They offer a completely vain to listen to music, handed CD-ROM, even leave his autograph.And when a tourist very razomlel already was holding the disc local star, the musician calls for all the miserable 10 $.And out of the corner of his group have broad-shouldered suits fans.As a conclusion - nothing ever take in your hands, even if it's "ball", it is usually the most expensive costs.

4. Egypt

favorite scene in the photo with tourists in this country is a porter on the back of a camel with the pyramids in the background.Yes, and go to the "ship of the desert" the dream of many.But when discussing prices at mahouts immediately note a small feature.Usually, after it was agreed behold, you sit on a camel lying, he ceases to her feet, then you can even ride and here. ... For that camel lay down and you could go down with you still require a certain amount.So either do not repent at all, or be prepared to jump from rather big height of the back of a camel.

5. US

Credit card - a very handy thing, especially when traveling.But she is often the weakest link, and.In the US, a favorite method of fraud is such.So you finally settled in the hotel, happily reached the bed and relax.Late at night the phone rings with a message about a problem with your credit card, and a requirement to report all of its data.You tell all on autopilot and log on.In the morning it turns out that through the loan greatly reduced.Conclusion - and no one should ever report such data, and to solve all the problems are not on the phone and in person at the reception.

6. Rome

Roman hustler numerous, brazen and aggressive.When trying to hold out - will actively resist until serious injury.Use all sorts of distracting techniques, such as women with children.This lady drops her baby, and while you are in a stupor looking at it - expertly clean your pockets.The main rule in such places - do not lose vigilance and do not be distracted.

7. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, in places where tourists gather not less numerous locals.Normally they come with a request to show any bill of your country, let the smallest.Then tell the story of a small tear son, brother, nephew, collectors and asked to give here the small things.As a result of these cuts are enough, and taking into account the standard of living in the country will amount to the locals after the exchange is quite decent.

8. Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, all rush at the casino.This means that each visitor just wants to get rid of their knapsacks, as soon as possible by transporting them to the hotel and fell into the room.It is for these bustler at airports and train stations a lot of crowd "assistants".They can easily help you with your luggage, though part of things for you to be irretrievably lost.The guys are working very quickly, because you need to deal with any luggage on their own or follow very closely the assistants.


La Cancha - the biggest market in Bolivia is a favorite tourist attraction.But, as in any other market or just crowds, you can be firmly clamped in the crowd.At this point, the local crooks did not miss his chance.The only way to avoid losses - not to take anything of value, or simply do not go to such places.

10. Colombia

Colombia is famous for its beaches with white sand and gentle surf.There can be great tan, swim, surf and just relax.And at this moment for you pretty girl, gently stroking his shoulders and purring offers massages.And, as always, absolutely nothing.And then with you still require a fee for the pleasure, and often very considerable.

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