What it's full name?

name given to parents affects a person exactly the same as the parents.Many before you to name your baby, study guides and suggest information about those who already liked the name of the bearer.What are they, Lena, Vasey, Katie Petit?Is it all the same?

Undoubtedly, similarities in the characters carriers have the same name, but ... Everyone is different, but the name affects the destiny of the date of birth, social origin, living conditions and even the "case."

But this article is not about that, and that brings together Eh and about whether they have one thing in common, it characterizes these women.To get started is to decide on how it sounds full name.Asya - nothing more than an abbreviation of ...

With reduced to such a small, but nice-sounding forms?What turned Asya?That is the most important question, the answer to that is really difficult to give.The fact that the complete, sonorous, beautiful names are cutting everywhere, creating a small, easy to pronounce nicknames.So get out Lia Lilies, Tonya of Antonina Rita of Margarita.That's just the name Assia has no clear "ancestor."


most common transcript it's full name: Asya - short form.Girls who have received such names most attractive and good-natured.Little dreamer living in fairy tales about princesses with a happy ending.Rise of the snub-nosed dreamer is not infantile young lady, but a very pragmatic, robust nature, capable of quickly and think analytically.Diplomacy and successful, especially when it comes to art.Examples of this weight: Volochkova (dancer), Zavorotnyuk (actress), Mintskovskaya (singer), Vertinskaya (actress), Stotskaya (actress, singer), etc.


most approximate variation on this is the full name - Asya.So the name of the owners of the house names.Name Asiyat sacred to all Muslims, it is mentioned in the Koran.The means - "Lecha, comforting."That is the name of one of the four was of the greatest women's considered committed in the Muslim religion.Prophet Muhammad spoke of her as the best woman in paradise.The wife of Pharaoh Ramses II took over the education of the baby found in basket floating on the river Nile.It was the Prophet Musa (Moses).Despite his noble family and wealth, it has always been a believer and a pious, kind and gracious.


is believed that Asta - nothing else, as a reduction of Astarte.So called the goddess of love, the wife of the Sun God, the ancient Semites.At the same time, and sometimes it appeared the goddess of war.It is believed that Astana - it's full name, Asya - a short form of it.And most importantly, that of Astarte, the fair sex took her a lot.His character, they confirm this, as the world in the image of the goddess of love, the goddess of war.Bright, sensitive nature, passionate and loving person.This slow, but grasp everything on the fly.


Many cut it's full name.Asya, Beyonce - these options are a short improvisation, supporting the strength and character.Bubble, perhaps even boiling the body, requiring constant surge of emotions, life in the full sense of the word.The main feature of the carriers of this name - the will and determination.Stubbornness and perseverance allow not to succumb to another's influence.They make excellent entrepreneurs and doctors.By the way, the name is Old Slavonic roots and reunites a couple of words: to become and glory.


many seem surprising a form of reduction, but it exists.For example, the heroine of Turgenev's novel "Asya" bears the name of Anna, and surrounding her name is Asya.She combines the two personalities: Anne (comely and graceful) and Asya (reborn).

Anna - woman, diligent, hardworking.Whistleblowers by nature, able to defend their case, even at an early age.Influence her choice of few in the state.This self-confident person is capable of mercy and compassion, can sacrifice himself for the sake of the sick and wretched.This faithful wife, a good mother.


This name, like previous ones, has enabled owners of Asyami cited.Royals, but are capable of altruism and softness.Often a child is exposed to humiliating attacks against the name, derived from the male name Basil.When Vasilisa the grows, her beauty and education helps to fight back, there is tolerance for other people's shortcomings, authoritativeness, commitment and hard work.


Oddly enough, but the name made it possible to improvise on the theme of cuts, giving the world the name of Asya.By nature owner of this name is a particularly calm and balanced, quiet and peaceful.But only at first glance.In fact, in the depths and the depths of the soul lives obstinate and capricious, proud lady and conflict.It can stand up for themselves and do everything to achieve the goal.These distinctive traits can play a bad joke against smug woman, but if Anfisa fall in love and marry a loved one, the marriage will be long and strong, and a woman - balanced and responsive.


From the above it can be concluded that only a full name Asya received from parents can talk about her character.