Duck Agidel: a description of the breed characteristics, reviews, photos

Agidel ducks breed was bred in our country recently and immediately gained a huge popularity.This cross beef productivity of different rapid weight gain, high egg production and simplicity in content.

history of breeding and line

duck Agidel was obtained by crossing two high-yield hybrids: Blagovarsky and Super M (the famous English firm "Cherry Valley") with Indian runners.Total breeders brought the three main lines of this cross:

  • A3 and A4 (based on super M).
  • A5 (based on the Super M and the Indian runner).
  • parent form A45.

Based on the last two lines were obtained hybrid: Agidel Agidel 34 and 345. The characteristic feature of these ducks is white plumage and excellent productivity, and genetically fixed.

Duck Agidel: Breed

Agidel Ducks have a bright expression "meat" appearance.The body of their wide and long, horizontally planted.From the runners, they have excellent productivity in terms of egg production.From super M - the ability to quickly increase the body weight at a low cost of feed, and from Blagovarsky cross - feather soft pure white, very appreciating market.During the production period of a hen can produce up to 240 eggs (88-100 m).The seven-week age drakes weigh more than three kilograms, ducks - about 2.8 kg.In addition, the meat of ducks breed Agidel has a great taste.It is considered as dietary and relates to biologically valuable product.

Character ducks Agidel very calm and docile.This clever bird is easy to get along with all the other inhabitants of subsistence farming and perfectly understands the requirements of the hosts.

ducks Contents of this breed - it is not too difficult also because they are resistant to many diseases.For example, they are hardly susceptible to leukemia.Immunity to the disease in ducks Agidel approximately three times higher than in other species.

features content

for successful cultivation of such poultry like duck Agidel, it will be enough to build a small shed on a plot with-range, as well as to stock a certain number of low-cost feed.The presence of nearby water body is not a prerequisite.However prikopat somewhere on the site a small container of water for swimming ducks still stands.You can install it directly into roaming.Sometimes, in order to duck does not get dirty and took away the dirt throughout the house, an artificial lake and arrange somewhere deep in the garden from time to time expelling birds for taking water treatments.The fact is that dirt and dampness on-range and barn can lead to a deterioration in the quality of the pen.

Advantages hybrid

Thus Agidel duck, photos of which can be seen below, characterized by a large number of advantages.To those include:

  • rapid weight gain;
  • unpretentiousness in respect of feed;
  • tasty meat;
  • high egg production;
  • calm friendly nature;
  • disease resistance.

Duck Agidel (characteristic of this breed, as you can see just fine), and is valued because of pure white color pen.Carcasses of birds look very carefully, because it is totally devoid of the dark "stumps."

What should be the aviary

As already mentioned, there are no special requirements to the arrangement of a duck shed Agidel does not show.However, some rules in the construction of the house comply with all the necessary.In spite of the excellent resistance to various diseases and the ability to quickly adapt to any conditions of detention, the bird of the breed does not like drafts.Therefore, in the construction utyatnika care should be taken that the walls were not slit.If the house will be a shield, a plaque on the frame of three pieces: two back to back, and one overlapping.

Walls inside utyatnika best plaster, and the remaining by the door and the window to fill the gap with foam.On the floor plank bed of sawdust or straw.Subsequently, it will have to change from time to time.Otherwise, re zavedutsya bird parasites.The density of "population" in the house should not exceed 2-3 heads per 1 m2.

ventilation, lighting and equipment utyatnika

successfully grown bird of this species can be in a conventional barn.However, the window it should be mandatory.Air stagnation, these ducks do not like fast losing in productivity.It would be better to arrange in the house even elementary natural exhaust ventilation, having made a small hole near the ceiling.This room can be grown especially strong and healthy duck Agidel.Picture suitable for this species of poultry shed can be seen below.

Feeders utyatnikah commonly used in short and long, in the form of a trough.Install them often close to the wall.Drinking fountains, to duck them climbed, set on a small hill (15-20 cm from the floor).You can also use drip or nipple modern design.

jacks are arranged along the wall opposite the feeders.Very good option considered their usual roomy wicker baskets.You can use a low wooden boxes.In addition to the nests and bird feeders are arranged in the house often small container filled with ashes.Ducks love to wallow in them.In addition, many species of ash fear feather parasites.

Features feeding

Duck Agidel, the description of which was given just above in detail, it is not demanding with regard to diet.It is usually composed of a very low-cost feed.Most often it is grains, herbs and vegetables.Very often, these ducks simply allowed to graze next to the house.In this case, they quickly find their food among grass.But, of course, translate the bird entirely on pasture is not necessary.Grains and vegetables in the diet of ducks Agidel, at least in small quantities, but must necessarily be present.

Ducks Agidel: reviews

The fact that this hybrid, and in fact is highly productive and very useful in the content, eloquently said at least the fact that many of the biggest domestic poultry factory came to a decision on a large scale breeding is his.One of the companies, "Evrodon", even announced that it intends to produce duck meat Agidel based on an industrial scale.Such popularity among the largest producers of this cross has earned mostly thanks to its unpretentious and quite tasty meat.

very well deserved duck Agidel reviews and owners of small household farms.This bird is growing very fast and does not require large maintenance costs.However, some gardeners say that the meat of this bird is slightly zhirnovato.Particularly in comparison with the musk duck.Too cloying did not believe, however advised to ensure that the bird is still a natural paddock and add to her diet more grass.In this case, the meat is lean.And, of course, it is not necessary to delay the slaughter.Produce the procedure before the juvenile molt - at 55-60 days of age.


Many owners of homestead farms lay eggs of ducks in the incubator twice a year: in spring and summer.Agidel duck chicks are born at 28 days.Fertilization of eggs in this hybrid is about 93%.

Groom hatched chicks in the same way as for any other ducklings meat breed.That is for the kids definitely need to fence off a corner in the house, as well as arrange a separate small paddock covered with a grid on top of the magpies and crows.

After hatching, the ducklings are usually kept in boxes.The air temperature in such a manger must not fall below 30 degrees.Over the next three weeks, it was gradually reduced to about 16 degrees.The first five days in the light box is not turned off even at night.Starting from birth to three weeks of age, planting density ducklings should not exceed 25 individuals per 1 m2.After the chicks will turn 21 the day, they should be transferred into the room more.1 m2 placed no more than 16 individuals of three weeks.

As you can see, duck Agidel - the bird is very unpretentious and extremely productive.Judging by the reviews of many owners of suburban areas, keep it really simple and yet profitable enough.