Disk health - exercise for all age groups

struggle with excess weight is being carried out around the world, and almost every person trying to lose weight.Some sit on this for all kinds of diets and other torture themselves in the fitness centers.Classes at the gym - it is, of course, well, if there is time for them.But with the same success can be practiced at home, in every free minute, if you buy a light and compact simulator called "disk health".The exercises in this mini-simulator will not only "shake fat", but also constantly keep fit.

There was this wonderful simulator relatively recently - in the 50th year of the last century.And the main feature of the drive's health is its simplicity.It consists of two metal plates which are connected by a system of bearings.The lower disc is fixedly stands on the floor, and the top can easily be rotated around its axis by 360 degrees.But this simplicity does not diminish the possibilities of this simulator.Exercises to allow health drive to get great results.

This simple simulator has on the joints and muscles of the human tonic effect.It improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs.A fat "accumulate" on his stomach after regular sessions it gradually disappear.Besides exercise on disk health help relieve mental stress and elevate mood.And those who suffer "seasickness", this simulator can train their vestibular system.And in general, when such employment figure becomes slimmer and more beautiful gait.And to train on this disk can be in any, even the smallest space.

And Age "fans" of the simulator is almost unlimited.This is due primarily to the fact that the heavy load, which normally fight off the desire to have here are not available.Therefore, young girls used this simulator to improve their figure.People of middle age it helps to keep the body in good shape.And older people, too, will find something to use disk health.Exercise it will be a good prevention of diseases of the joints.

And recently, these drives have become more functional.An example is the disc "Grace".In principle, it is no different from the classical disc health.But the system of rare earth magnets embedded in the top disc has on the human foot additional impact.Firstly, these magnets massage them, and secondly, they spend relaxation and prevention magnitoterepii sessions.This occurs due to the influence of the magnets on biologically active points on a person's foot.And now other manufacturers have adopted health drives this innovation, and also released their models with such rare earth magnets.

And now about how to use disk health.Exercises in this simulator as seen from its structure, associated with rotation.And at first, in the classroom it can be dizziness.To avoid this, it is necessary to ensure that the head sharply not twitch.Yes, and not hurt at first something which insurance.This may be a chair or a table.For such support can hold on to avoid falling.A trainer should be installed on a non-slip surface (rubber mat, carpet) or on the bare floor.This disk may lie horizontally or at a slight angle.It depends on what kind of exercise is performed.It is also desirable for 15 minutes before classes start to drink a glass of warm water, which stimulates blood circulation.

Here is a list of simple exercises that can be performed on this simulator:

  • to become two feet on the disc and perform torso turns left and right, while helping himself with his hands;
  • performs the same turns, just holding hands on the bar;
  • one foot ceases to disk, hands on his belt and turn the free foot around the axis;
  • need to be kneeling on the drive arms to lean on the floor and rotate the torso;
  • have to sit on the disc that lies on the floor and stretch your hands on the floor.And without moving his hands, rotating disk;
  • stand on the simulator, a little lean forward and takes his hands for support.In this position, the disc is rotated by the feet;
  • stand on two drives and rotate them down.Both in one direction and then in each different part.

And this is not all features of this simulator as disk health.These exercises can improve and adapt for themselves.I do not need to master all of them at once.Choose 3-4 and perform up to 20 turns a minute.Then gradually increase the time to 2-3 minutes.And when these exercises would bring to automatism, you can proceed to the next development.At first you can do for a few minutes a day and time, it is desirable to gradually increase the at least 20 minutes.