Small "SAMyata" or crisis 3 years

your kid moody and flatly tells you "I myself", "I will not go", "do not want", "do not like", "I will not"?Prepare parents.This is the first bells of the crisis three years.

age three - a watershed in a child's life, because what is going on the personality of your little miracle.It starts all in different ways: someone two years, someone later.But all, without exception.

During this period, children are already well aware of their sexual identity and begin to imitate their elders, role-playing children, child, boy, cook, chef, santa claus, become stubborn, capricious, despotic and rebel insurgents.A distinctive feature of the crisis is also the negativity and the depreciation of favorite things.Why and how does this happen?

Just imagine, Mom.You gave birth to his long awaited crumbs.At first he could not lift his head and turn around.You helped him.Then you taught him to crawl along with it "stamping feet on the track."All the time you breastfeed him, a bottle, with a spoon.Shows where the pussy, and where the dog where the blue sky, and where green Christmas trees.

And your child first begins to independently and confidently walk and run, then also independently takes spoon handle.

your "samenok" already knows how to express their desire not to "agukanem", and it is foldable phrases.

It takes only a few months, and you're already struggling to remember a time when the baby did not go, she did not speak.

you put your child in the garden.Tied to you from birth, the child suddenly feels independent.

he realizes that he can do himself, and all!

Imagine how much confidence there is in this little man?He can walk, he is something to take himself to say and, more importantly, who decides!

But as the time from birth to this "self" has been very little, a child from a sudden awareness and understanding of its significance confidence reaches a universal scale.And it is here that begin to appear far better quality with which we, the parents, to cope very difficult.It is not easy, because I do not know how, and because sometimes blame everything on "terrible" character of the child."And who is he is gone?» ...

Every mom ever let such a question arose."Calm, just calm," - as he said Carlson.child, girl, flower, daisy, eyes, face

Now we together try to figure out how to behave with these "SAMyatami."

But we just have to understand one important thing - no patience going.

your child wants to do everything himself, even if he can not.Often it's easier to do something for him, because it is faster and more accurately.But look at these burning little eyes!They glow and pride of knowing their independence.What to do?Give your child the opportunity to do everything yourself, even if you know that he can not cope.

errors - too experience.And if anything happened, it is sure to praise him.Thus, you raise his self-esteem.And in three years, believe me, it is very, very important!

kid does not want to collect toys, eat, go to bed.He begins to be capricious and stubborn.Sometimes it comes to loud hysterics with stamping feet, "I do not want, I will not!".He can make a "live" in a public place.

Stay calm and try not to dwell on his bad behavior and, moreover, do not "break" him.

How to be in this situation?There are several options.

first option: to switch his attention to something else (read a book, sing a song).

second: do you need to offer you together (for example, to collect toys, dress).In three years, the children receive a kind of "team spirit."If you offer to do something together, the child will be happy to respond to your offer.He will think, "That's what I'm big!" - And to realize that you, too, admit it.

third option: to say the opposite.You want your child to eat?"Persuade" him not eat.All oyster!

And the fourth version of your victory is not a child, and on the notorious crisis: to give their child a choice.

For example, you are going to walk, and the kid yells "I will not go."Build your question as follows: "Where do you want to go for a walk - in the park or on the playground?".You will be surprised how quickly the child forgets that a moment ago did not want to go anywhere.He now there is another problem: to decide where you will go for a walk.

your baby suddenly suddenly ceased to love their toys, books?It's hard, but this will have to cope.He breaks his toys, and you can not switch his attention to something else?Give it to parse some or your father's thing.And asking for help: "Dismantle and discard, from the need to get rid of the old.Help me please".

first - the child interested, because this thing belongs to an adult.Second - you are again admitted that he has a large, just ask for help and trust.As a result, you direct the energy of your baby in a peaceful course and get in his face this assistant.

And finally, the most difficult task - not to succumb to provocations of this little arm.Often the age of three children suddenly say to their mothers: "You're bad, I do not love you!" Many mothers hysterical in tears.

«How so?I gave birth to him, I taught him everything, and he (she) does not love me! »

In fact, very sad to hear of such a child.But try to understand once and for all - in his three years, he loves you more than anyone else.And no one is more important for him there.Simply, he cleverly manipulates you.

Once day, telling you "I do not love you," the kid saw your frustration about this, and now he was just curious watching you and you "build".In no case can a child respond in the same spirit.It is best to just not pay attention to it, with whatever you do, he stubbornly kept saying no.It will take a couple of days, the baby will notice that you care about such remarks, and he may begin to torture you with something else.Well, if you are very lucky, if not calm down.

course, three years - a difficult time not only for children but also for parents.We ourselves have a lot to learn and much to review in their words and deeds.No wonder they say that a child - it's your new life.And in this new life without patience, observation, the ability to speak and objective self-criticism can not do.

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