As hastily defend a thesis?

Many people tend to get a higher education and a higher level of education, so they can not avoid multiple validation of final work, such as essays, theses, doctoral thesis, master's and other works.

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the Diploma to the protection of the State Certification Commission is a test of the level of preparedness for an independent expert practice of the profession preferences, his ability to be analyzed state studied the problems and develop the necessary proposals to increase the efficiency of work in the field of study.

When writing a thesis student has the following objectives:

- classification and complete knowledge of the chosen specialty, both theoretical and practical, their use in solving problems in the prescription.

- mapping skills of independent work.

- the ability to master different methods of research, generalization and logical presentation of all information used.

In the thesis work the student must show:

  • profound knowledge on the theory of the chosen theme and problem statement of the theoretical information;
  • ability to learn and generalize well-relevant information from the literature and materials purchased for the period of practice in enterprises and organizations, the ability to find solutions to practical problems, to draw correct conclusions, seeming to become a productive supply.
  • ability to carry out the analysis, calculations, experimentation and knowledge of modern technologies for the calculations;
  • ability to successfully apply in practice the methods by which you can make an assessment of the economic and social effectiveness of the proposed measures, which are aimed at problem solving.

When writing such a work plan, our specialists are guided by the requirements that apply to educational institutions for the job.Thesis necessarily have a target orientation, clarity of construction, must set out the material work consistently, following the logic.The study should be deep, and the issues dealt with in full, all data must have a convincing argument.The diploma must be properly framed

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