How to successfully choose a table tennis table

Often when buying table tennis buyer is faced with the question than all-weather tennis tables differ from the tables for buildings.The question we analyze in this article.
Table tennis is very popular sport and active play, both among young people and among children and adults.Not surprisingly, Ping Pong has become very popular because it helps to improve coordination, endurance, reaction speed, and just gives a lot of positive emotions.
It should be noted that table tennis is quite affordable sport.Game Ping-Pong does not require large financial investments.All that is required - it is table tennis, racquet ball for table tennis and a great desire to play!
Table tennis is a very important attribute for tennis.For dynamic and gambling need good quality table with a perfectly smooth surface.This table provides a strong rebound of the ball, and the surface will not cause glare light, which can detract from the game.If you are going to play in the open air, the surface of the table tennis table must be resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity, UV sun.

To successfully choose table tennis you need to answer the question yourself, where you are going to play table tennis: outdoors or indoors.For this reason you should stop your choice or on the table tennis table for indoor or buy an all-weather table.
Let's consider in detail the characteristics of both tennis tables.
table tennis facilities, as the name implies, is designed for use in enclosed dry rooms.Tabletops of the tables are made of quality particle board and provide a great ball rebound.Their disadvantage is that they can only be used indoors asthey are afraid of humidity, temperature changes, and if you use the table in the street, that he did not serve long.Tennis tables for premises are divided into amateur and professional training.
Now consider the all-weather tennis tables.Tabletops of the tables are made of melamine.Melamine - polymer resin.This is a fairly expensive material, and the process of manufacture requires expensive technological solutions.Therefore, the price on the table tennis table for the streets is much higher than on the table for indoor use.With regard to technical performance, the bounce of the ball on the surface of such tables is slightly worse than that of the surface of the tables for buildings, since the polymer resin dampens kick.But an all-weather tennis table and serve you for 10 and 15 years, even in the street.After all, it is calculated on the impact of such natural factors as snow, rain, sun rays.Most tennis tables are equipped with all-weather outdoor nets, which is certainly a big plus.
When choosing table should also pay attention to the ease of assembly / disassembly, and transportation of table tennis.
in table tennis, you can start playing at any age, and the game will undoubtedly improve your health, will bring a lot of positive emotions and energy.