Standard TRP is back!

few years ago, the president proposed to restore the system by the TRP that existed in the Soviet Union.A number of draft laws, according to which citizens passed the test and passed the standards TRP, will encourage material in the form of higher salaries and scholarships.

But even without taking into account the prospects for material gain, the idea is very robust and useful for the society, especially in these days when the majority of the population leads a sedentary life and work.Increasingly, we work and rest for monitor screens and tablets.

Urgency nationwide introduction of the TRP can not be overstated.The fact that the TRP is what will be the mechanism for admission tests and where to take the rules of the TRP are citizens of Russia, will be discussed in the article.

Prospects administration

On September 1st, 2015 the order of delivery standards TRP is a mandatory procedure for all schools and universities, as well as for many working people.For several years, twelve Russian regions participating in the pilot project for the implementation of this system.The capital is not included in this project, and therefore the question of where to take the rules of the TRP in Moscow, probably bothers many.

format delivery today

Now anyone can fulfill the standards only in test mode.What does it mean?Surrendering rules will be issued a certificate.The icons and books supporting this change, is issued only in the pilot regions.

Content complex

So, standards have been developed by the TRP, which will have to take these exercises:

  • speed drills.It is run over a distance of 30, 60 and 100 meters, as well as the shuttle run.
  • exercises force.This pull-ups, flexion and extension of limbs jerk weights.
  • Endurance exercise.It is running at a distance of 1, 2 and 3 km.Moving at a distance of 1 to 4 km.Nordic Walking distances from two to four kilometers.These exercises will be conducted without regard to time.
  • Flexibility exercises.This is different inclinations of the body forward, backward and sideways from a standing position.
  • applied skills.These include skiing (distance from one to five kilometers), a cross between 1 and 5 km (time on distance is not included), swimming at a distance of ten to fifty meters.Shooting from the pneumatic and electronic weapons.
  • speed-strength types, such as the long jump, throwing balls and other sports equipment, abdominal exercises.
  • Coordination abilities.Throwing objects at a target.

venues putting TRP

Finally, a place where to take the rules of the TRP.Sites for passing standards will be deployed in almost all secondary schools for the students, and on the basis of educational institutions for students.If you do not belong to this category of the population, to find out where to take the rules of the TRP, please visit the Department of Physical Education and Sports.There is a complete list of all the sites on the adoption of testing.

Here is just a small list of places:

  1. SEI "Sports School of Olympic Reserve" Moskvich ".
  2. GBOU to Moscow "Palace of Children and Youth named APGaidar's "Street Shkuleva, 2.
  3. GBU "SSHOR" Moskvich "on the Volgograd prospectus, d.46 / 15.
  4. Pool "Marino", ul.Marshal Golovanov, 12, Bldg.1.
  5. Sport complex "Yuzhnoportovy."
  6. Sport complex "Atlant" in Kosino closed on Sunday from 9 am to 11 am.
  7. Sport complex "Atlant" in Golyanovo.

In fact only in Moscow places to pass rules TRP can anyone, hundreds, and in their country of tens of thousands.Surely and close to your home is one of them.Go to the website of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the region, to select the most convenient and next weekend pass test standards TRP whole family.After all, the family begins with the health of the nation!